Escape Series 2 – The Closet

Escape Series 2 - The Closet

-Turn twice.
-get the coathanger.
-click on the front center of the coat.
-get the pocketwatch.
-click on the bottom of the screen (to look down).
-examine the photograph, look at the clock in it.
-click on the toolbox.
-open the toolbox.
-get the wirecutters.
-click again to lift up the tray in the toolbox.
-get the crowbar.
-in inventory, click on the wirecutters, then click on the coat hanger.
-Click on the pocketwatch to examine it, then click on the wire rod, 
 then click on the cover latch of the watch (at the bottom of the watch).
-click on the watch dial.
-set the time to 3:35.
-click on the key.
-click "return", then click out to normal view.
-click at the top of the screen to see the ceiling.
-click on the crowbar, then on the boards.
-Click on the key, then on the hatch lock.
-PULL THE LEVER! (in caps, in case you didn't know what to do with a lever.)
-click the hatch to go back down. OOh, blue!.
-click the shirt pocket.
-Get the Personal Organizer.
-click down to see the floor.
-Read the letter, note the date.
-Click on the personal organizer.
-Enter "111787" and click enter.
-Get the key.
-click return.
-click on the box.
-unlock the box with the key.
-get the ring.
-examine the ring.
-click the stone 5 times until it falls off.
-click the stone in inventory, then combine with wire rod.
-zoom out, turn to the door, and use the gem on the stick to open.

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