DooDoo Pipe

DooDoo Pipe

1-grab the broken birdhouse and red passport and show it to the goat 
  on the right.

*Note: gold and silver coins can be found in different scenes and can 
 exchanged at the booth.

2-get fruit basket, lighter, gold teapot, pineapple, bottle, and metal 

3-place birdhouse in the campfire site and light it.

4-put metal barrel in stream to get water, put it over the fire, put fruit
  from basket in  the barrel.

5-put pineapple in the hat and get the horn from the panda bear.

6-put horn over barrel, show red passport to the moose, fill the bottle 
  with liquid drippling from the horn's mouthpiece.

7-show red passport to the moose and give him the drink from the bottle 
  and get the blue passport.

8-show the horse the blue passport, get the pretzel from the pig, get the
  saw from the tool box.

9-put the basket on the scale and receive a bowl, give the cat a silver 
  coin and receive an orange, get the feather on top of the roof.

10-use a silver coin to get gas in the empty bottle.

11-give feather to the bird in the camp scene.

12-use saw on the end of the pipe in the frog/monkey scene, put gas in 
   tractor, get rope from bull scene.

13-use a gold coin to raise the gate for beaver/fence scene.

14-put pretzel on branch, then the teapot, use rope on fence near end of 
   branch, and take back the pretzel.

15-turn the wheel and get the id badge from beaver, use the badge to get 
   to the bear's office.

16-click the slot handle on the safe and click the blue rectangular button
   on bottom left, rotate the images to all raspberries, and open safe for
   a flashlight.

17-let the timer on the safe run out, get the wires, banana, and the shovel
   (beaver/fence scene).

18-dig a ditch at open part of fence, fill bottle with water, fill the ditch
   with the water.

19-put banana in bird's nest (pig scene), use flashlight on tractor and get 
   the wrench.

20-click wheel and place wrench under it to keep it in place 
   (beaver/fence scene).

21-go to frog/monkey scene.

22-use orange on badge and show it to the bull, get camera, take a picture 
   of fox and wolf and fax it.

23-rinse off badge, take picture of tower (pond/pipe scene), give picture to
   the bird, get handle (pond/pipe scene).

24-attach handle to generator and tractor.

25-use badge to get into office and take light bulb, put bulb in lightpost 
   on the fence.

26-use the wires on the generator and click the handle.

27-use orange on badge, show it to bull, put pipe and bowl over the phone.

28-click both handles where horse and goat.

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