Alice’s Escape from Wonderland

Alice's Escape from Wonderland

-Click the right side of the brown door repeatedly until it falls 
 down. Get the yellow door key.
-Open the yellow door and get the tulip.
-Leave the room and open the pink door. Click the bear’s right eye 
 until it comes off. Notice that there is a screw on the end and it
 can be used as a doorknob.
-Leave the room and use the doorknob on the blue door. Give the 
 mermaid the tulip. Get the purple gem.
-Go back to the yellow door and place the purple gem in the Sphinx.
 Get the drink me bottle.
-Back to the corridor and use the drink me bottle on the glass. 
 Drink it and shrink.
-Go through the small door and pick up the matchbox. 
 Click it open and get the rabbit key.
-Go right and get the blank paper.
-Right again and get the matchstick from under the door.
-Use the matchstick on the matchbox. Now use the flame on the 
 blank paper. Notice it says RRLLLR.
-Right again and click the arrow to go forward. Now using the code
 from the blank paper, R=Right and L=Left, go through the forest.
-Move forward until you reach the rabbit’s house. Use the rabbit 
 key to open.
-Open the lower drawer and get the magnet
-Turn right and get the rope over the window. Combine it with the 
 magnet for the magnet/rope combo.
-Right again and use the magnet/rope on the purple urn. 
 Get the drawer key.
-Turn off the light and go left.
 au-autumn su-summer
 sp-spring wi-winter
-Go left and notice the numbers that correspond with the “seasonal” 
 pictures. Left again to see the remaining 2 seasons. 
 Now you know that:
 au-3 su-2
 sp-8 wi-9
-Turn the light back on and use the drawer key on the top drawer. 
 Get out the lockbox and use the code. Get the eat me cookie.
-Eat the cookie. You’re a giant and have busted through the house!
-Follow the tracks to the top of the screen.
-Go left and play with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Five differences: 
 top of hat, right eye, white collar, right yellow button, above 
 leg area. Get a badge.
-Left again and play with the Cheshire Cat.

 - ID tag (top middle)
 - Nose (left bottom)
 - Eyes (right bottom)
 - Whisker (2nd row, left)
 - Tail (top row, 2nd from left)

-Get the badge.
-Left again and pick up the paper from the left side.
-Go left twice and pick up a 2nd piece of paper from behind the blue
 paint can.
-Combine the two pieces of paper and note the pattern.
-Now go right and click on Humpty Dumpty. Play the concentration game 
 and get a badge.
-Now click inside the gates and go inside. Place the teacups in the 
 correct order according to the 2 pieces of paper you combined. 
 Clockwise from the top it is: blue, white, yellow, green, pink. 
 Get the paintbrush.
-Leave the teaparty and go left until you see the rosebushes.

The End    – Paint  the roses different colors
Queen End  – Paint the roses red
King End   – Paint the roses blue
Rabbit End – Use the paintbrush in the red paint, then the blue paint 
             for purple paint. Then paint the roses purple.

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