Alice is Dead

Alice is Dead

First, pick up all the items around the room. The bottle on the ground. 
Get the note from Alice's pocket. Grab a bone from her legs. Go right. 
The rock on the ground. The handle of the shovel. Go right twice. Grab 
the card from the crack in the wall. Go back to the starting screen.

Use the rock on the bone to make it jagged.

Close up on the blue door, and use the jagged bone on the key hole.

Go to the previously closed black box, and click on it. Go into it.

Use the empty bottle on the acid in the tree trunk to fill it with acid.

Go right. Use the card in the slot next to the green door.

Go right again. Use the bottle of acid on the web.

Take the handle of the shovel and use it on the tree sap dripping from the 
branch to put some tree sap on the end. Click your new sap covered handle, 
and use it on the glass shard to make a spear.

Use the spear on the caterpillar.

Pick up the bell and the key.

Go back to the room with Alice's body. Use the monocle from the caterpillar 
to read the writing on the wall, starting from the top right corner of the 
side with Alice's body.

Cycle through the walls by going right, and take note of the numbers on the wall.

Go back to the green door.

Use the key on the door.

Enter the numbers into the suitcase. (829 203)

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