Zombie Farm – iPhone

Zombie Farm - Platform: iPhone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy experience:
When you plow empty land you gain +1 experience and you lose 10 coins,
you can then sell the plowed land to get back your 10 coins whilst 
keeping the experience. This may be done forever, however it gets tedious
in later levels as you only gain 1 exp each time and you recurve no coins.

Grow things fast:
After planting a plant that takes a long time to grow like a tomatoe (2 
hours) exit the game go to settings and change the time on your iPod how
ever long the plant takes to grow for a tomatoe chang two hours or potatoe
change 2 days. 
Note: This may kill any fast crops if it goes to long.

How to get Brains:
To get brains you have to quit the game then go to settings, general then
date and time. After that you have to set it a day forward, then go back 
to the game and check for your daily surprise. You won't always get a brain,
you will most probably get gold (the amount of gold depends on how many 
friends you have that have Zombie Farm).

I just thought i would write this dowb because it is not specificaly given
in any of the other cheats even though it is branching off 1 of them what 
you do is when you are doing the invade corporate cheat dont just do it 15
times do it more than that and you will be available to invade any of the 
places even the "coming soon" ones i read the corporate 1 and i had already
done it but it but i hit the invade button about 25-30 times and that is 
what happened not just the corporateville.

Fast crops:
To grow crops fastly plant the crop then exit the game and set your clock 
2 the time the crops are ready.

No-Time Harvesting:
Plant any type of plant (minute plants/zombies don't work as well. Or 
sometimes will not work.) Then click the home button on the iPod/iPhone.
Then go to Settings>General>Date And Time>Set Date And Time. Then change
the time to how long it takes to grow. Then go back on Zombie Farm and 
that plant/plants you planted should be ready to Harvest!

Escape an invasion:
When invading someone if you begin to loose you can escape just by pressing
the home button which takes you to the home screen on your iphone which 
means never loosing you also get all your zombies back.

Invade again right away:
I've found that after I finish an invasion, when I've won, I press skip while
it goes through the prizes. Then when it goes to connect to my facebook to 
ask if I want to post about my win, I hit the top right corner over and over
again (where the x's are to get out of the boxes). I keep pressing it and 
don't stop until another invasion pops up. I've gotten up to eight times in
a row before.

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