Zelda – Ocarina Of Time – Nintendo64

Zelda - Ocarina Of Time - Platform: Nintendo64

Unlimited Gold Skelitas:
Ok, Remember the spider family in Kakarico village? (Please excuse my poor spelling, 
i havn't played for quite a while) First after getting the boomerang, the storm song 
and the bombs, go to the Castle, as a child. After swiming through the moat, and 
getting back on dry ground, you should see a tree near two plants. Go by the tree 
and play the storm song. A hole should appear. go down and you should see several 
walls. Bomb them until you find the one with a gold skellita spider behind it. Kill 
it with the bow. Now DON'T get the token that it leaves behind. Stand right next to 
the teleporter that will take you back up and equip the boomerang. I usually go to 
the side opposite the skelleta. Now here is the trickey part. Throw the boomerang so 
that it gets the token and before link gets the boomerang reaches Link step onto the 
platform. The message that tells you should appear but not finish. If it finishes you 
didn't time it quite right . Make sure you don't save untill you are sure that the 
skelleta is still there. When you go back down the skellita should still be behind 
the wall so you can repeat this process until you have 100 tokens!!!!!!

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