Zelda Majora’s Mask – Nintendo64

Zelda Majora's Mask - Platform: Nintendo64

Submitted by: Mitchell Bundy
Heart Pieces:
North Clock Town: 2 
South Clock Town: 1 
East Clock Town: 7 
West Clock Town: 5 
Termina Field: 8 
MarshLands: 7 
Mountain Village: 4 
Keaton Quiz: 1 
Great Bay: 10 
Ikana: 5 
Romani Rach: 1 
Finale Mini-Dungeons: 4
Song of Time 
c-right, A, c-down, c-right, A, c-down 

Sonata of Awakening 
c-up, c-left, c-up, c-left, A, c-right, A 

Song of Healing 
c-left, c-right, c-down, c-left, c-right, c-down 

Goron Lullaby 
A, c-right, c-left, A, c-right, c-left, c-right, A 

Epona's Song 
c-up, c-left, c-right, c-up, c-left, c-right 

New Wave Bossa Nova 
c-left, c-up, c-left, c-right, c-down, c-left, c-right 

Song of Soaring 
c-down, c-left, c-up 

Elergy of Emptiness 
c-right, c-left, c-right, c-down,c-right, c-up, c-left 

Song of Storms 
A, c-down, c-up, A, c-down, c-up 

Oath of Order 
c-right, c-down, A, c-down,c-right, c-up
How To get the Masks
Mask of Truth- Find and destroy the first 30 golden spiders. 
It will allow you to talk to animals and gossip stones. 

Zora Mask- Push the beached Zora over to land, then talk to 
him and play the Song of Healing for him. It will allow you 
to transform into Zora Link. 

Kamaro's Mask- Play the Song of healing for the guy doing the snake
dance on the mushroom structures by Clock Town. 

Gibdo's Mask- Play Song of Healing for the mummy in the closet of 
the musical house. 

Garo's Mask- Defeat the milk-selling guy in a horse race by riding 
into his ranch on Milk Road with Epona. 

Captain's Hat- Defeat the big skeleton in the graveyard and open the
chest on the roof. Will let you communicate with skeletons. 

Giant's Mask- Find it in the room before the boss of dungeon 4. Use it
to fight the bosses (Twin Mold). 

Breman Mask - Talk to the old man with the music box in Clock Town at
night. He is found by the stream. 

Bunny Hood- Round up the chicks on day 3 in the shed in the back of the
Romani Ranch using the Buruu Face. 

Don Gero's Mask- Give the meat found in the Goron Village to the Goron
with the frog on it's head. It will let you talk to frogs. 

Mask of Scents- Chase the Deku Prime Minister through the mini mase on
the side of the Deku Nuts Kingdom after rescuing the Deku princess. Will
allow you to find mushrooms. 

Goron Mask- Use the Lens of Truth outside the cave where you got it and
follow the ghostly Goron. Climb up the wall when you get to it using the
Lens still, then talk to him in the cave and play the Song of Healing.
It will allow you to transform into Goron Link. 

Romani's Mask- Complete the poe sidequests on the Romani Ranch on day 1
and 2. It can be used to get into the Milk Bar. 

Circus Leader's Mask- Play the songs under the light in the Milk Bar for
the man who is shaped like an egg. 

Kafei's Mask- Given to you by the fat lady in one of the buildings on
the east side of town. 

-Night Mask- Stop the burgler at 0:00 on day 1, then buy it for 500
rupees on day 3 from the Mani shop. 

Blast Mask- Stop the burgler at 0:00 on day 1 by slashing him with your
sword. You can blow yourself up with it. 

Stone Mask- Use the Lens of Truth by the Ikana graveyad and give some
medicine to the injured soldier you see. 

Big Fiary Mask - Return the lone fairy found in Clock Town at night to
the spring in Clock Town. This will cause faries in dungeons to fly
towards Link. 

Deku Mask- You automatically get it when you return to the mask
collector on day 1 for the second time. Changes Link into Deku Link, one
of the 3 transformation masks. 

Postman's Hat, Couple's Mask- Beat Anju and Kafei's side quest
Swords and Shields

Kokiri Sword
Your most reliable weapon that you will use is your sword, and you begin
your journey in Termina with the Kokiri Sword. The Kokiri Sword is
slightly on the weak side but is still one of your most important
weapons. The Kokiri Sword is the your main weapon that you will attack
with, nearly 75% of the enemies throughout Termina can be damaged by a
sword. Not only can you use the blade as a simple hit, you can charge it
up and spin yourself around hurting anything around you.

Razor Sword
Although what looks very powerful this sword itself is actually very
weak and cheaply made. If you go into the Mountain Smithy and trade your
Kokiri Sword in and 100 Rupees in exchange the Blacksmith will upgrade
your sword to the Razor Sword. At first you might think its a good deal,
but the problem is the Razor Sword cannot be taken back in time with
you, and after 100 hits the sword will crack and fall apart! Its not
worth your time, ot to mention your money.

Gilded Sword
This is by far the best sword you can get, trade your Kokiri Sword in
for the Razor Sword (yes you have to pay the 100 Rupees) and then talk
to the Blacksmith again and trade your Razor Sword with a bottle of Gold
Dust which you can get at the Goron Races. Once the Blacksmith is
finished forging your sword you will be given the Gilded Sword! This
powerful sword does nearly triple the damage, never breaks, and can be
taken with your through time.

Great Fairy's Sword
Spread throughout the Stone Tower are 15 lost fairies that have been
broken apart from the Fairy Fountain. With the help of the Fairy Mask
collect and save each fairy and return them to the Great Fairy Fountain
outside of the entrance to the Stone Tower. As your reward for your
bravery the Great Fairy will give you the Fairy's Sword. Unlike the
other swords which replace your current sword, the Great Fairy's Sword
is actually a C button weapon. Being the giant blade it is, you must
hold it with the help of both of your hands, and because of this you are
unable to use a shield when using the Fairy's Sword. 

Hero's Shield
You begin your quest with this shield, and suprising is actually very
powerful, it is indestructable and can block even the strongest
projectiles. Although its abilities are minimum its a decent enough
shield for the most part for the time you have until you reach the
Mirror Shield.

Mirror Shield
Similar to the Hero's Shield it holds around the same strength as the
same powers, except there is one major difference. The Mirror Shield has
the ability to reflect light rays, by doing so Link can hold up his
shield to where light is shown, there the light will relect off the
shield and Link can control where it goes to. By doing so it can trigger
puzzles and open doors which is a key factor in the Stone Tower. You can
find the Mirror Shield in a giant chest at the Bottom of the Well
Ranged Weapons

Hero's Bow
This powerful weapon gives you the ability to shoot enemies long range
and stay particularly out of the battle, the Bow can not only shoot
normal arrows but can combine the power of Fire, Ice, and Light to shoot
powerful, magic arrows. It can also hit crystals and eye switches to
open doors or solve puzzles in dungeons. You can recieve the Hero's Bow
as a prize for defeating the Lizalfoes in Woodfall Temple.

Fire Arrow
An upgrade for your Hero's Bow by combing the Fire Arrows with your Bow
you can shoot blazing arrows that can trip switches, melt ice, burn
webs, and even light torches. The catch? Not only do you have to worry
about the amount of arrows you have, it also slowly drains away your
magic the more you use. You can get the Fire Arrows by defeating Wizrobe
at Snowhead Temple.

Ice Arrow
Alike the other arrows the Ice Arrows have its own unique power, with
the Ice Arrows you can shoot enemies and cause them to be frozen solid.
Not only that but with the Ice Arrows you can freeze waterfalls and even
shoot them into water to create an ice block which you can use as a
bridge. The Ice Arrows are located in Great Bay Temple and will be given
to you after defeating Wort.

Light Arrow
Compared to the other magical arrows, the Light Arrows are slightly more
useless then the others. The Light Arrows can destroy Sun Blocks, and
Sun Switches and are the only way to defeat certain enemies. But the
thing is, all what can be done with the Light Arrows can generally be
done with the Mirror Shield and with the Mirror Shield you don't have to
worry about wasting magic. You will be rewarded the Light Arrows after
defeating the Garo Master at Stone Temple.

This is one of the few major items which are needed throughout the game,
the Hookshot can not only damage and stun enemies, but it can also do
things such as attach to objects, grab items far away from you, such as
bombs, Rupees and more. This is the secret treasure that the Gerudo
Fortress protects, make your way in and snatch it from them.
Major Items

Ocarina of Time
As most people know, the Ocarina of Time holds mystical powers by
playing the correct notes you can create a song which can cause anything
to happen. These songs can allow Link to travel through time, call apon
his loyal steed, Epona the horse, heal others and even create storms,
and much more. The Ocarina's major role is that in Majora's Mask the
moon will colapse after three days, by playing the Song of Time you can
travel back through time to the first day, a very helpful tool which
Link will use various time throughout the game. You get your Ocarina
from your first battle at the Clock Tower with the Skull Kid, use your
bubbles as Deku Link to knock it out of his hands.

Bombers Notebook
The Bombers Notebook allows you to participate in 20 optional side
quests, and records the schedules of the involved characters. By helping
out these characters you are usually rewarded with something like a mask
or a Heart Piece. You can get the Bombers Notebook from the Bombers
Gang, or Jim in particular who can be found in North Clock Town where
you must play his Hide and Go Seek game.

Pictograph Box
Allow it does not serve much of a purpose, when you save Koume in the
Woods of Mystery talk to her at her Swamp Cruise there she will hand
over the Pictograph for your genorosity. The Pictograph can take only
one picture at a time and you trade your picture in to the contest judge
(same building as the Swamp Cruise) to recieve items. Show him a picture
of the Deku King or Tingle to get a special Heart Piece.

Lens of Truth
The Lens of Truth is a magical item that has the ability to see
invisable things across Termina, it can unveal thigns such as hidden
platforms, treasure chests, characters and enemies. The problem is it
will slowly sap away your magic power which can be quite costly when you
need it. You can get the Lens of Truth from the cave outside of Mountain
Village in Snowhead, follow Kaepola Gaebola's feathers to make it to the
secret cave and recieve your Lens of Truth.
Event Items

Moon's Tear
At the Astral Observatory focus in on the Clock Tower and you will see
the Skull Kid dancing on top of it looking at the Moon starting to
colapse. You will then see the Moon shed a tear and land outside the
Observatory, go outside and grab the Moon's Tear. Now take this to Clock
Town and trade it to the Akindo Nut to start the long Deku Deed trading
process. The problem is whenever you want to get the deeds again after
traveling through time you have to go through everything all over again.

The Four Deeds
After getting the Moon's Tear you can trade it to the Akindo Nut in
Clock Town which gives you access to the Deku Flower that he owned, now
use it to gather the Heart Piece with the help of your Deku form. Once
you have done so you can take that Deed to Woodfall and trade it to the
Akindo outside of the Photo Shop in where you can get another Heart
Piece with the Deku Flower. With the second deed you can also trade that
to the Akindo found in Mountain Village to collect a third Heart Piece.
There take that deed to Great Bay and to Zora Hall and in which you can
find a Akindo in Maiku's room for your next Heart Piece. And finally
take the last deed to Ikana Canyon to find an Akindo at Ikana Pass for
your final Heart Piece and 200 Rupees!

Inn Key
This special key gives you full access to all of the Stock Pot Inn
including a secret room where you can collect 100 Rupees. This key is a
great tool to get into the Stock Pot Inn during the Anju and Kafei side
quest as you are required to meet there quite a few times. Anju will
give you this key if you talk to her at around 1:00 PM on the first day.

Letter to Kafei
Another special item in the Anju and Kafei side quest, after meeting
Anju in the Stock Pot Inn kitchen at 11:00 PM she will ask for you to
deliver this to her fiance, Kafei. Put this in the mailbox and wait for
the Postman to deliver it for you. The message contains secret details
for Anju and Kafei to know only and is the only to reunite them once

Memorial Pendant
After sneaking into Kafei's secret hideout as he was distracted from
gathering his mail from the Postman you can talk to him to be informed
that you are there last hope to save their marriage. He asks for you to
deliver this Pendant to Anju personally to show that he is alive and

Special Delivery to Mama Aroma
Although only used in the Anju and Kafei the Special Delivery to Mama
Aroma can get you two important items in the game. Once the Curiosity
Shop Owner gives you this letter in Kafei's hideout you can either
deliver it to Mama Aroma personally for a Bottle or give it to the
Postman for the Postman's Hat. Once you get one, go back in time and do
the cycle again and do the other for both items.

Bottle's are helpful items which are used to carry various items such as
healing items and special event items. You can find up to 6 Bottles in
Majora's Mask which can all carry the same things except can be quite
difficult to get.

Bottle #1 - Once you have rescued Koume in the Woods of Mysteries talk
to Kotake for a free Bottle.
Bottle #2 - Go to Romani Ranch and hold off the invaders for the morning
to be rewarded a Bottle from Romani.
Bottle #3 - Win the first round of the Beaver races against both
Bottle #4 - Defeat Goht to bring about spring in Mountain Village. Go to
the Goron Races outside of the village and get first place for Gold Dust
and a Bottle.
Bottle #5 - Deliver the Special Letter from Kafei to Mama Aroma for a
Bottle for your kindness.
Bottle #6 - On the third night, go to the Ikana Graveyard to order
around the Skull Kids with the power of your Captain's Hat, help Dampe
for your last Bottle.

Adult Wallet - Save up 200 Rupees at the Clock Town bank to recieve the
Adult Wallet for free, which allows you to carry up to 200 Rupees in
your pocket at one time.
Giant's Wallet - Snag all 30 Skulltula Tokens at the oceanside Skulltula
House for the Giant's Wallet which can hold up to 500 Rupees at one

Bigger Quiver - Score a perfect at the Swamp Road Shooting Gallery for
the Bigger Quiver which can hold up to 40 arrows!
Biggest Quiver - Awarded for scoring 40 or more in the Clock Town
Shooting Gallery, with the power of the Biggest Quiver you can hold 50

Bomb Bags
Bomb Bag - Purchase this at the Clock Town Bomb Shop for 50 Rupees so
you can hold 20 Bombs at one time.
Big Bomb Bag - Save the Old Woman from the burglar in North Clock Town
on the first night, this will be on sale at the Bomb Shop on the second
day. With it you can hold a capacity of 30 bombs.
Biggest Bomb Bag - Turn into a Goron and talk to the Akindo Nut in
Mountain Village, trade in your Big Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees for the
largest and best Bomb Bag that can hold 40 Bombs.

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