Valkyria Chronicles 2 – Sony PSP

Valkyria Chronicles 2 - Platform: Sony PSP

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
title. Titles are listed in the squad name in Avan's room.

Aces Among Aces: Deploy a specific unit 50 times.
And Company: Recruit 40 squad members.
Anti-Tank Squad: Change to Lancer Elt/Mbl Lancer.
Artistic: Successfully complete Chloe's mission.
Artists: Defeat "Kauzie the Artist".
Attack Squad: Level Lancer class to 10.
Azure: Successfully complete 30 missions.
Backpack Hunter: Develop 50% of backpack parts.
Bakery: Met Alicia at the store.
Band: Change to Anthem Elt/Melodist.
Bandits: Defeat all aces and item units in a mission.
Battalion: Level all classes to 20.
Bitter: Defeat "Yaht the Bitter".
Blood-Stained: Defeat 30 enemies on a mission.
Bloodbath: Defeat 1,000 enemy soldiers.
Bookworms: Successfully complete Magari's mission.
Brotherhood: Completed Pete's mission.
Brothers: Recruit 35 squad members.
Calm: Defeat "Saitt the Calm".
Carefree: Played for more than 50 hours.
Cheerful: Successfully complete Noel's mission.
Chosen: Win the Laevatein Cup.
Clockwork: Used the same CP as enemies Defeat.
Comics: Defeat "Susse the Comic".
Company: Level all classes to 10.
Crimson: Successfully complete 50 missions.
Curses: Defeat "Kanazas the Curse".
Dark: Get an "A" rank for a night mission.
Death: Defeat 100 enemies with head shots.
Defense Squad: Level Engineer class to 10.
Destroyer Kings: Defeat 50 enemy tanks.
Destroyer Lords: Defeat 30 enemy tanks.
Destroyers: Defeat 10 enemy tanks.
Dire: Defeat "Kanazas the Dire".
Dream: Get an "A" rank on a mission.
Earnest: Successfully complete Reiner's mission.
Elated: Defeat "Saitt the Elated".
Fairplay: Defeat all enemies from the front.
Falcons: Defeat "Uys the Falcon".
False: Defeat "Osweiss the False".
Fawners: Defeat "Naggie the Fawner".
Fearsome: Defeat 100 enemy soldiers.
Fortress: Successfully complete a mission without moving a tank.
Friendly: Used support/covering fire 50 times.
Fun: Viewed 50 daily life events.
Gashers: Defeat "Togier the Gasher".
Gear Hunters: Develop 50% of infantry armor.
Genius: Successfully complete Mischlitt's mission.
Geniuses: Defeat "Nachartl the Genius".
Glamourous: Successfully complete Sofia's mission.
Glass: Withdraw/hospitalize one unit five times.
Godspeed: Get an "A" rank on 10 missions.
Gorgers: Defeat "Tabais the Gorger".
Grenade Hunters: Develop 50% of hand grenades.
Guards: Level Armored Tech class to 10.
Guerilla Squad: Level Shocktrooper class to 10.
Gunner Squad: Change to Gunner Elt/Hvy Gunner.
Hardliners: Successfully complete half of the male classmate
Harsh: Defeat "Jinn the Harsh".
Heartthrobs: Successfully completed Morris' mission.
Hel: Defeat 300 enemy soldiers.
Hitmen: Defeat "Joshuno the Hitman".
Holy: Defeat under three enemies in a mission.
Hunters: Defeat "Yarmas the Hunter".
Idols: Successfully complete Anisette's mission.
Imperial: Successfully complete Helmut's mission.
Independent: Successfully complete 50 key/free missions.
Infallible: Defeat "Mahl Infallible".
Killer: Defeat three enemies with one attack.
Killers: Defeat "Joshuno the Killer".
Kindly: Defeat "Naggie the Kindly".
Ladies' Man: Successfully complete half of the female classmate
Light: Get an "A" rank on a day mission.
Lightspeed: Get an "A" rank on five missions.
Lone: Successfully complete Erik's mission.
Lucky: Successfully complete Joachim's mission.
Lyrical: Successfully complete Coleen's mission.
Manly: Successfully complete Alexis's mission.
Markings Hunters: Develop 50% of markings.
Meteor: Defeat "Shmarder the Meteor".
Miraculous: Get an "A" rank on three missions in a row.
Mystical: Successfully complete Inghild's mission.
Nightmare: Defeat 500 enemy soldiers.
Ogrelords: Defeat "Ty Ogrelord".
Parade: Use 1,000 CP.
Promising: Successfully complete one mission.
Pure White: Successfully complete 100 missions.
Quick Draw: Defeat "Yars Quick Draw".
Rabid: Defeat "Schimmer the Rabid".
Rebel: Successfully complete Sigrid's mission.
Recon Squad: Level Scout class to 10.
Red-Eyed: Defeat "Tanaiss Red-Eyed".
Red-Haired: Defeat "Tanaiss Red-Haired".
Reinforcers: Deploy reinforcements 100 times.
Relief Squad: Change to Engineer Elt/Medic.
Reporters: Successfully complete Lotte's mission.
Rippers: Defeat "Toggier the Ripper".
Roamers: Defeat "Osweiss the Roamer".
Royal: Successfully complete Nahum's mision.
Scout Squad: Change to Scout Elt/Hvy Scout.
Sheltered: Successfully complete Marion's mission.
Shifters: Defeat "Shuntr Shifter".
Shoulder Makers: Develop 50% of shoulder parts.
Sisterhood: Successfully complete Franca's mission.
Sisters: Recruit 30 squad members.
Slow-Kill: Defeat "Matz Slow-Kill".
Snakes: Defeat "Masse the Snake".
Sneak Shot: Defeat "Fergil Sneakshot".
Sniper Squad: Change to Sniper Elt/AT Sniper.
Spikers: Defeat "Fucasa the Spiker".
Spirited: Successfully complete Vario's mission.
Springwind: Defeat "Joshuda Springwind".
Sprinters: Successfully complete a mission in one turn.
Squall: Defeat "Cindy Squall".
Steelfist: Defeat "Aucarr Steelfist".
Stewards: Successfully complete Heinz's mission.
Stout: Defeat "Sedwin the Stout".
Strong: Defeat "Nisheo the Strong".
Strong-minded: Successfully completed Rene's mission.
Sturdy: Defeat "Herosch the Sturdy".
Supernatural: Defeat an armored tech from the front.
Supersonic: Get a "B+" rank on 20 missions.
Suspicious: Successfully complete Melissa's mission.
Swift-Kill: Defeat "Matz Swift-Kill".
Talented: Get a "B+" rank on 10 missions.
Tempest: Defeat "Cindy Tempest".
Title Hunters: Get 100 titles.
Title Lovers: Get 50 titles.
Title Maniacs: Get 150 titles.
Trooper Squad: Change to Trooper Elt/Commando.
Tunesmiths: Defeat "Kauzie the Tunesmith".
Two-faced: Successfully complete Randy's mission.
Unrelated: Successfully complete Nichol's mission.
Vanguard: Defeat "Motti Vanguard".
Verdant: Successfully complete 10 missions.
Volunteers: Met Welkin at the store.
Warlords: Defeat "Ty Warlord".
Wicked: Defeat "Eider the Wicked".
Woeful: Defeat "Osweiss the Woeful".

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