Turok 2 – Seeds of Evil – Nintendo64

Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil - Platform: Nintendo64

Big Cheat 
To unlock all cheats enter BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND at the 
code entry screen. After entering the code, go to the CHEATS 
menu and turn on the desired codes. 
Submitted by Jerid LeClair

Big Hands and Feet Mode 
To give the creatures in T2 big hands and feet, simply enter 
the following at the cheat entry screen and activate it in 
the Cheat Menu:
Submitted by evilgod@erols.com and padiddle@tnh.net

Big Head Mode 
Go to the "enter cheat" menu and enter the following code. 
Then start a new game and push start to access the cheat menu.

UBERNOODLE -- Big Head Mode. Will make all the enemies' 
heads a lot bigger. 
Submitted by evilgod@erols.com and padiddle@tnh.net 

Blackout Mode 
To play in Blackout Mode simply enter the following at the 
cheat entry screen and activate it in the Cheat Menu:

Bloody Razor Wind 
Throw the Razor at an "organic" enemy until it is dead. Then  
get a good look at the Razor Wind and it will be covered in 
blood. The effects stay until you throw it again. 

Charge Dart Shot Levels 
In Turok 2, the Charge Dart Rifle has different strengths to 
its shots depeding on how long you hold the Z button. Also, 
the longer you hold the button, the straighter and farther 
the shots will go. Here is how long you have to hold the Z 
button to attain the different levels... 

Red - Shocks the enemy for approx. 5 seconds. Tap the Z button. 

Orange - Shocks the enemy for approx. 10 seconds. Hold the 
Z button for about half a second. 

Yellow - Shocks the enemy for approx. 15 seconds. Hold the 
Z button for about a second before releasing. 

Green - Shocks the ememy for approx. 20 seconds. Hold the 
Z button for 2 seconds. 

Blue - Shocks the enemy for approx 25 seconds. Hold the 
Z button for about 3 seconds to attain this shot. *NOTE* 
This takes 2 away from your ammo instead of the usual 1. 

Purple - Extremely straight shot that shocks the enemy 
for 30 seconds. Hold Z for more than 5 seconds to get 
the gun to shoot this. *NOTE* This takes 3 away from you 
ammo instead of the usual 1. 
Submitted by mercury2g@aol.com

Earn Cheats 
In case you were wondering, here's how to earn the 
cheat codes.

Fruity Colors Mode:Complete level 1 
Pen and Ink Mode:Complete level 2 
Gouraud Mode:Complete level 3 
Big Hands and Feet:Complete level 4 
All Map:Complete level 5 
All Guns:Complete level 6 
Big Head Mode:Defeat level 4 boss 
Tiny Mode:Defeat level 5 boss 
Infinite Ammo:Defeat level 6 boss 
All Special Items:Defeat Primagen 
Invincibility:Defeat Primagen 
Infinite Lives:Defeat Primagen (on hard) 
Submitted by Rick (NASH37@aol.com)

Easy Invincibility 
When you come out of a warp portal, and there is an 
enemy near by, get his attention to draw it closer. 
Keep in mind you have to still be standing in the 
middle of the portal. Let the dinosaur attack you 
until you health reaches zero. Be sure that you don't 
get knocked out of the portal or you will die. If done 
correctly you should be able to walk out of the portal 
invincible. Be careful because the trick will stop 
working when you pick up a health bonus. 
Submitted by Solid J (solidj@hotmail.com)

Extra Multiplayer Levels and Cooperative Mode 
First have at least two controllers plugged in to enable 
the 'MULTI' option. Then enter the Big Cheat in the cheat 

Now, go into Multi, and start a game on any level. When 
the game begins, go into the Cheats menu, and scroll 
through the "warp to ..." and select the level you 
want to play.

NOTES: This is kind of buggy, but works on most levels 
and bosses. Avoid teleporters as they tend to mess it up. 
Submitted by Noah Hennig and Matt Grossman

Fruit Stripes 
To make your character wear fruity strips put this code 
in the enter cheat menu: FROOTSTRIPE 
Submitted by Roger Crandall

Gouraud Mode 
Enter the following code at the code entry screen and all 
textures will be replaced by simple colored gouraud-shading:
Submitted by evilgod@erols.com and padiddle@tnh.net

Harmless Zombies 
Are the dead men in level 2 killing you too many times? 
If you turn the blood color to "off," then they won't 
throw their bloody limbs at you, making it MUCH easier 
to kill the dead sisters. 
Submitted by Scott Petrie

Juan's Cheat 
To place Juan's face on the health icons enter HEEERESJUAN 
in the cheat menu. Juan is a lucky boy who won Iguana's 
Turok contest. Congratulations Juan! 

Lock Spring "Fix" 
In Turok 2, your crosshairs move to the default position 
if you move forward or backward, even with the lock spring 
option turned off, unless you are holding the analog in a 
direction the whole time. Some gamers may find this annoying, 
but there is a way to fix it.

Remember the warning in the front of every instruction 
booklet? "Do not hold the analog while turning the system 
on!" Well, if you hold "down" just a little bit on the 
analog while turning the system on, it will be tricked 
into thinking that that is the default analog position. 
So when you play the game and stand still, you will look 
up very very slowly, but the lock spring will be "fixed," 
and will never spring back to default again. 
Submitted by Foolish Gamer (jlarson@cadvision.com)

Multi-Player Invincibility 
I have recently discovered a way to get Invincibility 
on multi player the way to get it is. first you must 
pick a level with portals and scorpian launchers and 
a friend that is kind enough to do this for you ok now 
first tell your friend to get a scorpian launcher and 
meet you at the portal than go to the portal you stand 
directely in front of the portal then have him take your 
energy out to about ten of fifteen then while standing 
directely in front of the portal have him shoot you into 
the portal with a scorpian launcher and your friend will 
get a kill every time you go through the portal and come 
out if he shoots you. you will have 0 energy for ever 
unless you get any health so dont get health. I recommend 
doing this on Tellaportastic level! 
Submitted by Jessyel Gonzalez (jessyel@netscape.net)

One Shot Kills 
It helps if you use the normal gun switch setting. 
Highlight the shotgun and push a to scroll forward 
through the weapons. When you get to the tek bow stop 
and cycle backwards through the weapons using B untill 
you get to the Tek Bow.

Now pull out your Tek Bow and shoot an enemy as 
fast as you can. The enemy will fly up as though 
you have shot it with a scorpion launcher. When it 
falls down it will be dead! This trick also works 
on bosses and in multiplayer. 
Submitted by Dusty Brownell

Pen-and-Ink Mode 
To get the good old pen-and-ink mode from Turok 1, 
enter the following at the cheat entry screen:
Submitted by evilgod@erols.com and padiddle@tnh.net

Shoot the Birds 
Before you say "duh, I knew that!" -- did you know 
that there is a purpose to killing the seagulls in 
Level 1? If the one gate that's not opening on top 
of the ladder near the city bugs you, shoot down all 
the birds and it will open. 
Submitted by Janitor Ed

Sometimes They Come Back... 
Wait around for a few seconds when you pick up 
ammo or health. After a few seconds some come back. 
If it is ammo it will change until all of your 
weapons are full. Health will alternate between 10 
and 2 until your health is 100. This works really 
well when you are trying to get pieces of the Nuke. 
Submitted by heavyt@hotmail.com

Stick Men Mode 
To get every enemy to be tall and skinny, enter 
HOLASTICKBOY at the Cheat Menu. 
Submitted by evilgod@erols.com and padiddle@tnh.net

Switch Sniper Scopes 
You must have Quick Weapon Select on to do this trick.

If you want to switch sniper scopes (Plasma Rifle 
and Tek Bow), first pick one of them and turn on 
the scope. Then switch to the other weapon and 
QUICKLY press D-pad Right (the button to turn on/off 
the scope) which will mix up the scopes.

This can be done from Tek Bow to Plasma Rifle or 
Plasma Rifle to Tek Bow. You may have to try it 
several times before accomplishing this task. 
 Submitted by Arnond

Tiny Enemy Code 
Want to have every creature be the size of a Compy? 
No problem, simply enter:
PIPSQUEAK at the code entry screen. 
Unlimited Tek Arrows 
Everybody who has played Turok 2 shoud know that you 
can get reguler arrows back after you shoot the into 
an enemy or a wall. Well, if you shoot a tek arrow 
into an enemy and run up and grab it out of the enemy 
it will say you got a tek arrow, but the explosion 
will still happen and hurt or kill the enemy! 
View Credits 
To view the credits, enter ONLYTHEBEST at the code 
select screen. 
Submitted by Marc "The Rock" Morgan (wolfpkbest@aol.com)
Vulcan's Forge (deathmatch) 
In Vulcan's Forge if you fall in the big lava pit you can 
stay alive if you stand directly under the moving platform. 
It's not a very helpful trick but it's very funny when you 
fall in and your friends are dieing and you aren't. 
Submitted by Klobber

Warp in Sneaks N Ladders 
Go into multi player mode and go to frag tag. Go to the stage 
Sneaks N Ladders. Climb the highest ladder and go to the big 
hole. Stand in one of the corners and walk very slow toward it. 
Keep walking until you fall. Make sure you stop walking when 
you fall. If you do this correctly you should be standing on 
thin air. You can look around to make sure nothing is under 
you. Now jump and you should warp to the bottom level. This 
trick is good when you are trying to get away from the other 
player. Submitted by David C

Warped Introductions 
Enable the Gouraud Mode, Pen-and-Ink or Frooty Stripes codes. 
After you have this code on push pause and quit with the the 
code on. Start the same game you were playing that was saved 
on your memory pak and watch the beginning. 
Submitted by Lego Robot and David Mccann

Zach Attack 
To place baby Zach's face on the health icons enter AAHGOO 
in the cheat menu.

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