True Crime – Streets of LA – Playstation 2

True Crime - Streets of LA - Platform: Playstation 2

How to get everything:
Submitted by: dev sev

first for fighting moves go to the map and press up down up down x. for guns go 
to map and press right left right left x then you should have 2 desert eagles. 
last for all driving moves and all impound cars press left right left right x.thats all

Change Your Person:
Submitted by: nick kang

While entering your name at the license plate screen, (at the beginning of the game)put 
in the following and hold L1 and R1 when you enter and confirm the name to look like 
these people instead of Nick Kang:

Look like the chief- B1G1
Look like Rosie- ROSA
Look like Rosie in lingerie(Blood Money)- HURT_M3
Look like a cop- FUZZ
Look like a police officer- 5WAT
Look like a commander- M1K3
Look like a female worker- HARA

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