Tribes – Aerial Assault – Playstation 1

Tribes - Aerial Assault - Platform: Playstation 1

Secret Chat test:
Ok people here is a good way to improve communication 
between you and your friends online! If you want to 
talk to other people using a variety of preset command 
sentences, go to your buddy list after you create a 
player and enter CHAT-TEST (spelled out just as seen). 
This cheat will work in rooms that are marked inevitable 
with an arrow pointing to them. 

Secret statue:
Start a one player bot match. Set "Bots" to "Off" and 
"Max Team" to "1". Choose the Slapdash level under the 
CTF heading. Go to the vehicle station and get yourself 
a jet (easier to see). Follow the perimeter of the level 
(next to the out of bounds wall) until you reach a 
clearing in the top right corner. Get out and look in 
the area to find a statue.

Easy capture the flag:
In campaign mode on the sixth or seventh level, there is 
a capture the flag game. If you go directly right from 
your base, you will go over some mountains then see a 
stone structure. Go to it. Once there, you will find a 
laser rifle. From where you found the laser rifle, move 
down towards the enemy base. Go to the hills to the right 
of the base. You will have a very good perspective of the 
base. They might catch you and start going after you -- 
ski down the hill and use your get at the end of the hill. 
Go to the tower to steal their flag. Also, change your 
weapon when they find you (the laser rifle is poor at close 
range). Get to your base as soon as possible and score 2 points. 
You can do this repeatedly until time runs out.

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