Toy Story 2 – DVD

Toy Story 2 - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Chris R

Wild Car Scene: 
1) Load Disc 3:Supplementary Features into the DVD player 
2) When it goes to the choice screen, click on the Toy Story 2 side. 
3) A screen then pops up and asks you which part of the disc you would like to explore. 
4) Pick "STORY" 
6) Click on "JESSIE'S SONG" 
7) While you're watching it, randomly click the angle button on your remote control to 
alternate between the scenes. 
8) When the segment on that is over, its supposed to go back to the menu, but it doesn't. 
Instead, it pauses for a while. 
9) That pause is when you are supposed to press the angle button again. 
10) John Lassetor pops up and says, "Congratulations, you have found an Easter egg!" 
He then proceeds to show you a clip of a car that goes wild and out of control. 

Supplemental DVD Creator Credits: 
1) Insert Disc 3 (Supplemental Features) 
2) Select the section for Toy Story 2 features 
3) Select the History section 
4) When the menu appears, move the selector to the Menu button, then press UP. 
A "DVD Credits" option will appear on the stomach of Al's chicken suit. 
Press ENTER to go to the credits. 

Joke Reel:
This is on the 3-pack supplemental disc, and this is what you have to do: 
1. Select the "TS2" section of the supplemental features disc. 
2. Select "Music". 
3. Press left at any of the features. 
4. It will reveal a question mark. 
5. Select it. 
6. It will reveal a joke version of the musical sequence at the end of the film. 

The Actual Car-gag Easter egg:
1. Insert Disc 3. 
2. Go to the Toy Story 2 Menu 
3. Go to the STORY Menu 
5. Push the left button, and a question mark will appear. 
6. Press enter and enjoy the demented fun. 

Abandoned Material: 
1. Insert disc 3. 
2. Select "History". 
3. Select "The Continuing World of Toy Story". 
4. While it is playing, advance to the next chapter. 
5. A "Links" screen should be displayed, with options for "Woody's Nightmare 
(Pitch/Abandoned Story Reel/Treat", "Original Treatments" and "Buzz Lightyear 
Cartoon (Abandoned Story Reel)".

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