ToeJam & Earl – Wii

ToeJam & Earl - Platform: Wii

Ultimate Code:
Pause the game, now press the following buttons:

1. UP + A + B + C
2. RIGHT + A
3. DOWN + B
4. LEFT + C

If entered correctly you will hear a chime, now when you unpause 
the game you will have all ship peices collected apart from one, 
which will always be on the next level you are on. 

Present Island:
At the top right of the map on level 1, there is a hidden island 
with a load of preasents for the taking. You will need rocket skates, 
an inner-tube or icarus wings to get there. 

Level 0:
On Level 1, on the bottom left side, there is a small hole that leads 
to level 0, which has hula dancers in a tub and a lemomade man who 
gives you another life. 

Free Presents:
Sneak up on Santa Claus before he takes off and he'll give you a few 

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