The Legend Of Zelda – Spirit Tracks – Nintendo DS

The Legend Of Zelda - Spirit Tracks - Platform: Nintendo DS

Stamp bonuses:
Once you get a letter from Niko in Aboda Village, visit him to get a
stamp book. Then, find the fifteen various stamp stations in different
areas that you can visit on the rail map to get a stamp. Return to Niko
after getting the indicated number of stamps to unlock the corresponding

Shield Of Antiquity ("Crab" shield from /The Legend Of Zelda:
Engineer Outfit: 15 stamps.
Sword Scroll 2 (Great Spin Attack): 20 stamps. 

Goron Amber:
Take the young Goron to Castle Town. You will eventually be able to talk
to him, and he will say he is discouraged by city life. Select "Cheer
up" as a response. Goron will get happier. Then, select the first option
in the conversation. Goron will thank you and give you Goron Amber as a

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