The King Of Fighters 98 – Ultimate Match – Playstation 2

The King Of Fighters 98 - Ultimate Match - Platform: Playstation 2

EX fighters:
While highlighting a character at the selection screen, hold Select to unlock 
their EX version. If done correctly, their portrait will change. Note: To select 
BOTR Iori and Leona or Orochi and Goentiz, you first must defeat them in Arcade 

Play as Goenitz     - Defeat Goenitz in Arcade mode.
Play as Orochi      - Defeat Orochi in Arcade mode.
Play as Orochi Iori - Defeat Orochi Iori in Arcade mode.

Play as Orochi Leona:
Defeat Orochi Leona in Arcade mode, and successfully complete the game.

Movie Gallery:
Defeat all 64 characters (including Goenitz, Omega Rugal, and Orochi) in Endless
mode to unlock the Movie Gallery.

Ending gallery:
Use the following edit teams in Arcade mode to unlock the corresponding team's 
ending gallery after the ending credits. The edit team's gallery will be 
available in Gallery mode.

  Heidren, Ralf ,Clark: 94 Ikari team 
  Iori, Billy, Eiji: 95 Rival team 
  Geese, Krauser ,Mr.Big: 96 Boss team 
  Ryo, Robert, Takuma: Former Art Of Fighting team 
  Kasumi, Mai, King: 96 Womens team 
  Rugal, Goenitz ,Orochi: 98:UM Boss team 
  Eiji, Kasumi, Mr. Big: Anti-AOF team 
  Iori,Yashiro, Yamazaki: Detest "Shingo" team 
  Andy, Mai, Eiji: Ninja team 
  Athena, Leona, Kasumi: Teenage Girls team 
  Yamazaki ,Mature ,Vice: Yamazaki team 
  Orochi, Orochi Leona, Orochi Iori: Awaken team 
  Mr. Big, Chang, Choi: Skin-Head team

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