The Beatles – Rock Band – Wii

The Beatles - Rock Band - Platform: Wii

Bonus photos:
At the "Press Start" screen, quickly press Blue, Yellow, Orange(3), Blue(3), 
Yellow, Orange to unlock bonus photos. If you entered the code correctly, a 
message will appear. On a Wii-mote, quickly press 1, 2, B three times, 1 three 
times, 2, B.

"The End" song:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock "The End" song from Abbey Road.

Successfully complete the indicated chapter in Story mode to unlock the 
corresponding challenge:

The Cavern '63: Chapter 1 
The Ed Sullivan Show '64: Chapter 2 
Shea Stadium '65: Chapter 3 
Budokan '66: Chapter 4 
Abbey Road '66-'67: Chapter 5 
Abbey Road '67-'68: Chapter 6 
Abbey Road '68-'69: Chapter 7 
Apple Corps Rooftop: Chapter 8 

Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock all 108 photos:

Get three stars on each song in Story mode to unlock a photo.
Get five stars on each song in Story mode to unlock a photo.
Successfully complete a chapter in Story mode with at least three stars on all 
songs to unlock a photo.

Successfully complete the following challenges with the indicated number of 
total stars to unlock more photos:

The Cavern '63: 20 stars 
The Ed Sullivan Show '64: 20 stars 
Shea Stadium '65: 25 stars 
Budokan '66: 25 stars 
Abbey Road '66-'67: 30 stars 
Abbey Road '67-'68: 30 stars 
Abbey Road '68-'69: 35 stars 
Apple Corps Rooftop: 30 stars 
Successfully complete Chapter 8 to unlock the final two secret photos.

Get the indicated number of photos to unlock the corresponding secret prize in 
the "Prizes (Secrets)" gallery in Story mode:

The Beatles Christmas Record: 1 photo 
Secret 2: 11 photos 
Secret 3: 31 photos 
Secret 4: 51 photos 
Secret 5: 71 photos 
Get Back Promotion Video: 90 photos 

Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the 
corresponding movie:

Intro movie: Begin Story mode. 
Chapter 1 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 1. 
Chapter 2 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 2. 
Chapter 3 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 3. 
Chapter 4 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 4. 
Chapter 5 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 5. 
Chapter 6 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 6. 
Chapter 7 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 7. 
Chapter 8 movie: Successfully complete Chapter 8. 
Outtro movie: Successfully complete Story mode. 

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