Tetris Splash – XBox 360

Tetris Splash - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Clear 5 Lines (10 points): Clear five or more lines during one Single Player 
  or Online Multi-player game. 
  Reach Level 5 (10 points): Reach or exceed level five in a Single Player game 
  of Marathon. 
  Tetris! (10 points): Clear four lines at once. 
  T-Spin (10 points): Rotate the T-Tetrimino into a T-Slot to perform a one or 
  two line clear. 
  Rainbow (10 points): Use at least one Mino from each of the seven Tetriminos 
  to clear a single line. 
  Combo (20 points): Clear one or more lines with successive pieces to increase 
  your Combo count above eight. 
  Online Rookie (20 points): Win a "Free for All" match in Online Multi-player. 
  Online Back-to-Back (20 points): Score a Back-to-Back Tetris in Online 
  Online Expert (20 points): Accumulate at least ten hours of Online 
  Multi-player game play. 
  All-in-One (20 points): Perform a Single, Double, Triple, Tetris, T-Spin 
  Single, T-Spin Double, and 8 Combo in one game! 
  Speedster (25 points): Complete a Single Player game of Marathon in 20 minutes 
  or less. 
  Old School (25 points): Complete a Single Player game of Marathon without 
  using the Hold Queue. 

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