Test Drive Off-Road 3 – Playstation 1

Test Drive Off-Road 3 - Platform: Playstation 1

Enter the following codes at the code screen to unlock 
the corresponding cheats:

Codes          Cheats 
ZAKARY X     - unlock everything 
LEAD TO ROME - unlock all tracks 
SAD CLOWN    - unlock all divisions 
MAD HOOKUP   - unlock all upgrades 
TURN TRICKS  - unlock Stunt Mode (turn in the air) 
YOKOZUNA     - unlock Sumo Mode (knock other cars around) 

Avoid any and all contact with the AI vehicles. The simplest of 
nudges will usually slow you to a crawl while at the same time 
propelling them forward as if they were shot from a cannon. This 
will often occur even when your opponent's truck is completely 
stationary and pointing backwards.

When running the Mt. Fuji course, stay to the outside path. It 
may be longer, but there are fewer slopes to climb, and your higher 
overall speed should pay huge dividends.

When running a course for the first time, try to follow the path 
taken by the AI drivers. There are numerous branching paths on many 
of the circuits, and the computer trucks seem to always know the best 

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