Terminator 2 – Extreme Edition – DVD

Terminator 2 - Extreme Edition - Platform: DVD

Theatrical Cut
On the [Main Menu] of disc one, highlight the [Sensory 
Control] entry. Press the [Right] arrow on your remote 
five times. "The Future is Not Set" should now appear on 
the right-hand side of the screen. Click on it and the 
menu will morph to give you access to the theatrical cut 
via seamless branching. 

Trailer for T2: Ultimate Edition
On the [Main Menu] of disc two, highlight the [DVD-Rom] 
entry and then [Left] arrow with your remote. Click on 
the box to see a 2-minute trailer for the previous T2: 
Ultimate Edition DVD. 

The Worst That Can Happen
Insert disc 2. Select [DVD-ROM]. Highlight [Replay ROM 
Trailer]. Hit the [Up] arrow to highlight the blood on 
the floor, and hit [Enter] to see a still of "The Worst 
That Can Happen." 

DVD Production Credits
Highlight the [High Definition] entry and arrow [Up]. 
Click on the half-circle for the disc production credits.

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