Tekken 2 – Playstation 1

Tekken 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Psykocyber

Law's Secret Suit:
Play Law and beat the game 25 times. Then in Arcade mode select his icon 
and press start. You should have Law's third suit. 

Play as roger or alex:
Get to the third match on the third round, then let your health dwindle 
down to about 5% and then beat your opponent. In the next round you'll be 
playing against either Alex or Roger. Beat either one and you'll be able 
to select either of them. Press a punch button to select Roger, or a kick 
button to select Alex. 

First person "super punch out" wireframe perspective:
Have the first player hold down the L1 and L2 buttons and the second player 
hold down the R1 and R2 buttons while you are selecting your characters. 
Keep holding them down until the fight begins. One person's body will now 
be a green grid and you'll play in a first-person perspective. 

Big head mode:
Press and hold down Select until the match starts and when you pick your 
character, you should be bigger than normal. To be really big, press down 
Select again while starting a new match with the same character. 

Kazuya's purple suit:
Select Kazuya with the Start button for his purple suit. 

Sky high mode:
At the character select screen, hold Select while choosing your character. 
While the fiery Vs. Screen appears, press Up on the pad. Keep holding these 
until the round starts and you'll hear a punch sound. Now, with certain moves, 
you can launch your opponent high into the air. Try this with many moves! 

Choose your victory pose:
After you've won a bout, press and hold one of the four action buttons with 
your right thumb. Each one will trigger a different victory pose. 

After you win a match press & hold X or square and your player will taunt the 
loser. NOTE:This only works with some players. 

Instant win:
Highlight the option mode and press R1, then press 
Circle, Circle, X, X, Circle, Triangle. At the beginning of the game 
hold R1 and L1 to win the fight. One player game only. 

Theatre mode:
1.Make sure 2nd controller is unplugged. 2.Make sure all characters are in 
your memory card. 3.Boot up game. When Namco presents appears press 
Up, Right, Circle, X and Select and hold the buttons down when the game 
starts it won't start the same way as usual. 

Gear change:
Select a character with Triangle or Square for clothing style one. 
Select a character with Circle or X for clothing style two. 

Extra characters:
Fight as Devil or Angel:
Fight as Kazuya and defeat the Devil. Then, press Punch to select Devil or 
Kick to select Angel. 

Fight as Armored King:
Complete the game as King. 

Fight as Baek:
Complete the game as Law. 

Fight as Ganryu:
Complete the game as any character. 

Fight as Kuma:
Complete the game as Paul. 

Fight as P.Jack:
Complete the game as Jack-2. 

Fight as Kunimitsu:
Complete the game as Yoshimitsu. 

Fight as Lee:
Complete the game as Hiehachi. 

Fight as Bruce:
Complete the game as Lei. 

Fight as Anna:
Complete the game as Nina. 

Fight as Kazuya:
Beat the Devil with any sub-boss. The game must be beaten without losing a round. 

Fight as Wang:
Complete the game with Jun. 

Fight as Sub-bosses:
Beat the Devil with each character. 

Fight against Jun as the Boss:
Play as Angel/Devil to the ninth stage. You will see Jun in her stage with 
Kazuya's music. 

Fight against Angel as the final Boss: 
Play as Devil to the ninth stage. Angel will be there instead of Devil.

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