Tamagotchi Party On! – Wii

Tamagotchi Party On! - Platform: Wii

Unlocking characters:
To unlock the grayed-out characters, complete a game of Tamagotchi Party On!. 
For example, if you choose a 3-election game, you will not get a character 
for each election you complete, however you will for completing the entire 
3-election game itself. If you want to unlock characters faster, just keep 
playing 1-election games.

To unlock the last three secret characters, go to the "Challenge" option 
on the main menu. Get gold medals on all the "Mini-games" and "Gotchi Games". 
You will now have the last three characters to play as in all modes: 
Purimatchi, Matsuritchi, and Shitiketchi.
Chris Hardewig.

Letting the computer roll:
Do not press A to skip the CPU's roll. If you do, instead of relying on 
the die's bounces to choose the amount of spaces they move, it will be a 
random number and could result in giving the CPU more spaces to move than 
they would have had before.

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