Tales of Phantasia – Gameboy Advance

Tales of Phantasia - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Unlockable Dungeons:
After you have revealed Dhaos' Castle in the future, two new dungeons will 
be unlocked.

Dwarven Ruins:
In the Treasure Room of the 21st level of Morlia, there is a blue button 
that you can press to reveal a warp for a new dungeon. Dungeon has 9 floors.

Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels):
After you have revealed Dhaos' Castle, head to 9th floor of the Morlia 
Mineshaft, now there will a new opening for 12 new floors (21 in all).

Ishitori Sequence:
Whenever you play Ishitori with the Ishitori Master in Alvanista Castle, 
go first. Then Always bring down the amount of stones to whatever number 
is closest in this sequence
You will win every time.

Optional Summons:
There are several summons that can be obtained without going through the 
game, but doing certain other sidequests in the future after you have 
obtained the Tech Birds.

Get the Emerald Pact Ring from Gnome's Cave in the future and then make 
it to the 16th floor of Morlia Mineshaft, he is in a room filled with gas.

Get the Sapphire Ring from Undine's Cave and reach the 21st level of Morlia. 
He is in a room located in the south with gas.

Go to the Dwarven Ruins, obtain the Lapiz Ring there, and make it to the 9th 
floor to have a boss battle with Pluto/Brute.

The spirt of Darkness, Shadow:
Go to Lone(Sylph) Valley and get the pact ring from the catacombs, then go 
to the cave of darkness to the southeast of Arlee.

The spirt of Light, Aska:
Go to Alvanista and talk to the lady standing at south entrence, then go 
back to the time machine in Thor and ask for Aska to be released.

Battle Lv.3 (Maniac) Difficulty - Beat the game once.
Mini-Game - Let's Go Arche - complete the game once
New Game+ Mode - complete the game once
Pink Options in Title Screen - complete the game once
New Songs in Sound Mode - complete the game once (Japanese version only)

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