Street Fighter II – The World Warrior – Wii

Street Fighter II - The World Warrior - Platform: Wii

Configuration Screen:
Hold the Select button while the world map is on the screen before a match 
begins. You will be able to change your controller configuration.

Extra endings:
To get better endings, beat the game at the highest difficulty. 
Each character has a different ending, so you can have 8 different endings!

Extra Sounds:
To listen to extra sounds on 1f to 23 on the Option Screen, go to sound 25, 26, 
or 27. Then rapidly press the R button. The new sounds should be there.

Get Full Character Profiles:
Press and hold L and R on the second controller to see their profiles.

Remove Energy Bars, Timers, and Sound:
Go into the Options menu and press Start to return to the main menu. 
Repeat this process 27 times.

Same character in VS Mode:
Press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B at the Capcom logo.

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