Star Wars – The Force Unleashed – Wii

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed - Platform: Wii

Amplification Code:
Password	  Effect
SPEEDER     - 1,000,000 Force Points 	
CORTOSIS    - God Mode 	
KATARN      - Max all Force Powers 	
COUNTDOOKU  - Max Combos 	
VERGENCE    - Unlimited Force Power 	
TYRANUS     - Unlock all Force Powers 	
LIGHTSABER  - Your Lightsaber one hit kills all normal enemies 	

Extra Characters/Skins:
Password	  Effect 	
AAYLA       - Aayla Secura
ITSATWAP	- Admiral Ackbar 	
CHOSENONE	- Anakin Skywalker 	
ACOLYTE	- Asajj Ventress 	
NOTIMO	- Chop'aa Notimo 	
TK421       - Classic Stormtrooper 	
LEGION      - Clone Trooper 	
SERENNO     - Count Dooku 	
PAUAN	      - Darth Desolus
ZABRAK      - Darth Maul 	
HIDDENFEAR  - Darth Phobos 	
SITHLORD    - Darth Vader 	
DREXLROOSH  - Drexl Roosh 	
PALPATINE   - Emperor Palpatine 	
YELLOWJCKT  - Episode IV Luke Skywalker 	
T16WOMPRAT  - Episode VI Luke Skywalker 	
SHOCKTROOP  - Heavy Trooper 	
INTHEDARK   - Imperial Shadow Guard 	
ECLIPSE     - Juno Eclipse 	
KLEEF       - Kleef 	
SCOUNDREL   - Lando Calrissian 	
JEDIMASTER  - Mace Windu 	
MARAJADE    - Mara Jade 	
MARISBROOD  - Maris Broos 	
STORMTROOP  - Navy Commando 	
BENKENOBI   - Obi-Wan Kenobi 	
MAVERICK    - Qui-Gon Jinn 	
MANDALORE   - Rahm Kota 	
TOGRUTA     - Shaak Ti 	
INTHEDARK   - Shadow Trooper 	
SECURA      - Twi'lek 	

Extra Costumes:
Password	  Effect 
DANTOOINE   - Ceremonial Jedi Robes 	
WOOKIEE     - Kento Marek's Robes 	
KORRIBAN    - Sith Stalker Armor 	
GRANDMOFF   - Unlocks all Costumes 	

Play as general Rham Khota:
Although the game isnt out yet and even though i havent played 
the game yet i thought id post this for future referance. 

I read on an official star wars forum that if you typed in 


then you could play as general rham kohta because they had tested the 
games. (apparently) 

Play As The Secret Apprentice's Dad:
I read on an official star wars forum that if you typed in ''WOOKIE''. 
Then you could play as the secret apprentice's Father.

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