Star Wars – Bounty Hunter – Gamecube

Star Wars - Bounty Hunter - Platform: Gamecube
Code            Result 
SEEHOWTHEYRUN   Unlock Chapter 1 
CITYPLANET      Unlock Chapter 2 
LOCKDOWN        Unlock Chapter 3 
DUGSOPLENTY     Unlock Chapter 4 
BANTHAPOODOO    Unlock Chapter 5 
MANDALORIANWAY  Unlock Chapter 6 
BEAST PIT       Unlock Mission 1 
GIMMEMYJETPACK  Unlock Mission 2 
CONVEYORAMA     Unlock Mission 3 
BIGCITYNIGHTS   Unlock Mission 4 
IEATNERFMEAT    Unlock Mission 5 
VOTE4TRELL      Unlock Mission 6 
LOCKUP          Unlock Mission 7 
WHAT A RIOT     Unlock Mission 8 
SHAFTED         Unlock Mission 9 
BIGMOSQUITOS    Unlock Mission 10 
ONEDEADDUG      Unlock Mission 11 
WISHIHADMYSHIP  Unlock Mission 12 
MOSGAMOS        Unlock Mission 13 
TUSKENS R US    Unlock Mission 14 
BIG BAD DRAGON  Unlock Mission 15 
MONTROSSISBAD   Unlock Mission 16 
VOSAISBADDER    Unlock Mission 17 
JANGOISBADDEST  Unlock Mission 18 
GO FISH         Unlock All TGC Cards 
R ARTISTS ROCK  Unlock All Concept Art

Beast Pit: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind reference
Enter the Beast Handler's room to see the shape of Devil's Tower,
Wyoming in his mashed potatoes, first seen in the movie Close
Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Beast Pit: Gladius reference
Enter the first changing room to find a sword and shield which
belong to the Samnite from Gladius.

Break In: Rockets
When you start the mission in the ship, turn around and go through
the door and up the ladder to the top of the ship. Once there, you
will find three rockets.

Entertainment District: Easy bounties
Use the following tricks to get Republic Credits and bounties.
While staying outside, look around for a circular platform. If
there is a person on it, they most likely have a price on their
head. Also, go inside the bar on one of the upper levels of this
level. If there is a person inside yelling "There's no price on my
head", you are in the correct location. That girl is not the girl
you can capture; it is someone different.

Merchant Row: Shoot signs
You can shoot and destroy any sign that hangs or is on the walls
with your dual blasters or flamethrower.

Sebolto's Compound: Ride the lift up with Zam
As you reach the control switch to the lift for Zam to ride up,
activate the switch and either boost down or drop down through the
roof of the lift. Wait for Zam to get on the lift and both of you
ride will back up.

Upper City: Flying car
When you start out, go to the little building in front of you,
then go right. Follow the building, shoot the man on the platform,
then look for the twin tower looking thing (without the bridge).
Look at the speeders flying around. When you see a rectangular-
shaped speeder, try to zoom in on it with your ID scanner. It is a
green car (Buick) similar to the one found in Star Wars: Rogue

Killing Bando Gora
They attack in groups mostly and cannot shoot most of the time.
When they get close enough, use your flame thrower and toast them.
This is guaranteed to kill them all.

Defeating the Borhek
You can go to the edge of the electrified fence of the Beast Pit
Arena then crouch down to the lower wall and roll backwards out of
the pit. You can either blast away at the Borhek or watch it come
after you. It will keep hitting the electrified fence until it is

Do not shoot the Borhek. Instead, back up against the electrified
fence and crouch down or roll into the bottom of the it. You will
go through the fence. Once on the other side of the fence, go
through the door that you can burn down, then go up the elevator.
Press the button to lower the middle part of the arena. If the
Borhek has not already died from the fence, it will probably fall
into the hole and die. Stay up in the booth after you press the
button and you will have a great view of its death.

Defeating Krayt Dragon
After Gardula is show getting swallowed, quickly back into the
hallway you came from. If you are up against the wall and between
the two doors, you should not be able to get shot by missiles or
knocked down by the stomping. Continue to fire away and you should
remain unscathed.

Easy ID check
Wrap an enemy or a innocent person with a rope and then scan them.
Note: This is an easier way to get them alive.

If necessary, you can equip the ID scanner before manning the
turrets on any level to use the same crosshair for identifying
bounties and firing away simultaneously.

Hidden Morse code message
Run into a Gonk power droid and listen to the beeps that it
sounds. They are actually a Morse code message about one of the
game's programmers.

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