Sonic Heroes – Playstation 1

Sonic Heroes - Platform: Playstation 1

Metal Sheen: 
Hold A and Y after selecting a 2-player level to have a "metallic" skin 
covering over your team. 

Super Hard Difficulty: 
Beat the game with 141 Emblems and all A ratings. 

CG Threatres 
Team Chaotix Cinema: Complete Team Chaotix in Story Mode 
Team Dark Cinema: Complete Team Dark in Story Mode 
Team Rose Cinema: Complete Team Rose in Story Mode 
Team Sonic Cinema: Complete Team Sonic in Story Mode 

Last Story: 
Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds and finish all stories 

New 2P Modes 2P Action Race Unlocked from start 
2P Bobsled Race Collect 80 emblems 
2P Expert Race Collect 120 emblems 
2P Quick Race Collect 100 emblems 
2P Ring Race Collect 60 emblems 
2P Special Stage Collect 40 emblems 
2P Team Battle Collect 20 emblems

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