Shaun White Snowboarding – Playstation 3

Shaun White Snowboarding - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Valedictorian (Bronze): All Park City challenges have been completed. 
Baron Von C (Bronze): You've done so much shredding at Park City that everyone 
adores you. Good job. 
Grouchbedoit (Bronze): Everyone in Europe thinks you are pretty awesome now. 

Way to go. 
Terrani (Bronze): All Europe quests completed. 
Itto-Ryu (Bronze): All Japan challenges have been completed. 
	Musashi (Bronze): Earn a tonne of respect in Japan. 
All Aska (Bronze): All Alaska challenges completed. 
Bizzy Bear (Bronze): All the animals in Alaska now respect your snow shredding 
Slammy McSlammerton (Bronze): You've won the Triple Slam. 
Supa Bounce (Bronze): You've earned the Big Air focus power. 
Supa Flash (Bronze): You've earned the Speed Boost focus power. 
Supa Powa (Bronze): You've earned the Power Shove focus power. 
Dr. Air (Bronze): You've done an incredibly sick air trick. 
Dr. Butter (Bronze): That was one gnarly ground trick. 
Dr. Jib (Bronze): That was jibbing at it's finest. What a impressive score. 
High Stakes (Bronze): You sent those other chumps to the poorhouse, and now 
you're the richest person I know. 
The Gambler (Bronze): That wasn't much of a gamble. You beat those other 
riders easy. 
Generation 2.0 (Bronze): Thanks for putting a video online. I bet it will 
totally be the best one on the internet. 
New Kid on the Block (Bronze): You've won an event online. Let's hope this 
victory is the first of many. 
Dizzy (Bronze): You make a strange looking helicopter when you spin that much.

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