Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 – Wii

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - Platform: Wii

Classic teams:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding team:

  Classic Argentina: Win the International Cup with Argentina. 
  Classic Brazil: Win the International Cup with Brazil. 
  Classic England: Win the International Cup with England. 
  Classic France: Win the International Cup with France. 
  Classic Germany: Win the International Cup with Germany. 
  Classic Italy: Win the International Cup with Italy. 
  Classic Netherlands: Win the International Cup with Netherlands. 

Renewing contracts:
It is recommended you renew contracts in January. Go to "My Team", and scroll 
through the players to find the players whose contracts need renewing.

Free agents:
Players who do not want to renew their contract are free in February. Go to 
advanced search, and enter 1 to 1 for the number of years left on contract to 
find the players that are free agents.

Youth team:
Set your Youth Team level to 5. The next year in Master League you should have 
at least two stars in your youth team. For example, the youth team spotted 
Klasnic 16 and Amanatidis 18 when using Barcelona. Other teams have different 
stars. Go to advanced search, and put 15 to 19 for the age. For example, Carson 
in Sampdoria and H.Larsson in Racing Club. Teach them a lot of Ability Cards and 
Positions and loan them out to make them better.

Keeping your team happy:
You will have at least nine players who will want to play every game. Once you 
know who they are, use them approximately 90% of the time when they complain 
about not being used after your first game. Use the other players in cups and 
loan some of them, but check your team after every game. When selling players, 
just sell them and do not release them, otherwise it messes up the team. If 
players need a break for another game, they will complain. Each year you keep 
your team happy, the next year they will not have those problems any longer and 
be happier overall with the club.

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