Predator – Concrete Jungle – XBox

Predator - Concrete Jungle - Platform: XBox

New Costumes:
Alien Hunter
Kill all snipers in the mission A Night to Remember. 

Bad Blood
Destroy the large computer at the start of the mission The New Flesh. 

City Hunter Costume
Kill 50 aliens in the mission Bug Hunt. 

Dark Blade Clan
Ignore the first enemies and kill a man instead on the mission Extinction. 

Jungle Hunter costume
Kill the Irish boss in the mission Midsummer Night's Massacre. 

Ritual Armor
Destroy the three trucks after following El Hongo. The first truck is by a 
billboard at the start of the mission. THe second truck is in a carpark, and 
the third truck is at the southeast edge of the level. 

Bonus Missions:
Midsummer Night Massacre: Kill the Irish gang's boss. He is on the first street 
and easy to locate. 

Copycat: Head towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission 
icon over his head. 

Dead Man Walking: Locate and open two explosive crates. One is near where the 
Predator starts the mission, on a rooftop. The second is in a parking lot near 
where the weapons van is crashed. 

Death In The Family: - At the top of the mansion's stairs, head past the red 
curtains and take your new trophy. 

Under The Gun: After completing the timed section of the mission, locate three 
pick-up trucks with weapons on their beds. Destroy all three. Two of the vans 
are near the multi-tiered parking structure where the Predator started the mission. 
The last van is parked on the street next to some of the gang cars. 

Skin Trade: Before taking out all the pimps, terminate eight prostitutes 
by any means. 

Sink The Shipment: An entry gate near the shed with the Pulse Mines and Maul has 
several Les Serviteurs ogling some ex-porn star hookers. Terminate the Serviteur 
leader (icon over his head). Note that causing any moderate amount of noise or 
undue attention will cause the enemy to flee from the spot. 

Raze The Depot: Near where the Predator starts, there are several enemies in an 
inaccessible room. One of them is the bonus target. Take him out when the chance 

Night To Remember: In the museum courtyard where Borgia's lieutenants are, take 
out all the window snipers. 

Extinction Event: Do not kill the initial few enemies; escape and leave them 
alive for this bonus mission. 

Escape: There is a weapons scientist in a depressed area of the lab. 
Killing him will fulfill this objective. You may want to do that after 
using him to unlock the retinal scanner door. 

Rescue: Use any of the Borgia security guards to open all the retinal scan 
doors (the scanner extends, and there is no cut-scene movie). Kill the Juvenile-9 
leader being held prisoner to complete this mission. 

Ten Thousand Ways to Die: Locate and activate the three cloaked beacons. 
Tech view will make them easy to find. 

Come To MOTHER: Destroy all four upgraded battle armor in the room where the 
main lift is. 

Hot Time/Old Town: Stealth kill the black ops in the recreation without causing 
them alarm. Use the Voice-lure to draw them out and get behind them (or snipe them). 

If It Bleeds: Disable the cooling fans in order (from one to four). 

Bug Hunt: Kill enough aliens to complete the bonus before returning to MOTHER's chamber. 

In The Flesh: Destroy the computer in the upper levels. It may be a good idea 
to do this bonus mission during the boss' first phase. 

Note: bonus mission hints are sometimes available in stages, but not always. 
Accomplishing a bonus mission will unlock an attribute or costume bonus (viewable 
in the Trophy Room or on the costumes screen). 

Weapon Upgrades:

Copycat: An elevated walkway between buildings has this upgrade. High jump to reach it. 

Dead Men Walking: There is a weapon upgrade near one of the two bonus mission crates 
(the ones that explode). 

La Famiglia: On top of the mansion. Atttempt it after disabling all the guns and 
using the greenhouse on the left side of the mansion as a step-up. 

Under The Gun: Near the multi-tier parking structure where the Predator started 
the misson. Use the destroyed floors to reach it. 

The Machine Men: On the track past where the Machine Men initially started off. 

Monster Squad: On the west side of the map, there was one of the lift power boxes 
inside a small tunnel (on the ground) in the previous stage. The weapon upgrade is 
in the fire. 

Rescue: There are four upgrades here. If you attempt to do the bonus 
mission here, you wind up opening all the doors and having acccess to all the 
bonus upgrades and missions. 

Ten Thousand Ways to Die: There is a weapon upgrade on the side of oneof the final 
buildings (you will be able to see it but cannot reach it(forcefield) until you 
defeat the upgraded battle armor. 

Hot Time/Old Town: On top of the church. use gecko ability to reach it.

If It Bleeds: At the 1-2-3-4 junction where the power core is, the weapon upgrade 
is on the lower level, where the mines are. 

In The Flesh: The upgrade is at the end of one of the very narrow bridges at the 
edge of the arena.

Note: Weapon upgrades are cumulative and you do not need to get them in a 
particular order to "up your guns". All weapon upgrades are out in the open 
(never in a box) and are usually just hard to find.

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