Pirates – The Legend of Black Kat – Playstation 2

Pirates - The Legend of Black Kat - Platform: Playstation 2

Invincibility for Katarina
Hold R1 + R2 and press X, Circle, L3, Triangle,R3, Select, R3, L1, L2,

Invincibility for the Wind Dancer
Hold R1 + R2 and press Select, Triangle, L1, X, R3, L2, Square, R3, Circle,

Reveal buried treasure chests
Hold R1 + R2 and press Circle, X, Square, Triangle, L1, Select, L3, L2, L3,
R3. Green Xs will appear on the captain's log maps to indicate the location 
of buried treasure chests.

Reveal all treasure chests
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, X, Triangle, L3, Circle, L1, Select, L3, Square,

All treasure chest keys
Hold R1 + R2 and press Circle, Select, X, Square, R3, L1, L3, L2, Triangle,

Wind Dancer
Hold R1 + R2 and press L2, Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1,

Unlimited items
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, L1, Select, L2, R3, L3, Square, X, R3,
Circle. Once found, an item will be available in unlimited amounts.

Extra gold
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle.
Sail to another map to get the Galleon.

Unlimited wind boost
Hold R1 + R2 and press Select, L1, R3, Circle, L2, Triangle, X, L3.

Advance to Katarina's next sword
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, Select, L2, L3, Square, X, L1, Circle, L3,

Alternate Glacial Gulf music
Hold R1 + R2 and press L1, X, Triangle, L2, Square, Circle, L3, Select, R3,
L3 to hear music from SSX when sliding down in Glacial Gulf.

High pitched voices
Hold R1 + R2 and press R3, Circle, Select, X, R3, Triangle, L1, Square, L2,

Kane poison head
Hold R1 + R2 and press Triangle, L2, L1, Square, L3, X, L3, Circle, R3,
Select. The poison status will now be indicated by the head of Kane from 
Command and Conquer.

Alternate Katarina costumes
Note: The following code requires two players and controllers.
Simultaneously hold L1 + L2 + Up + Select + L3 on controller one and R1 + 
R2 + Triangle + Start + R3 on controller two. A short sequence of music will 
confirm correct code entry. Press R3 on controller one to change the value of 
the numbers that appear on screen, then start a new game or resume a saved 
game to view the corresponding costume. The costumes that can be accessed are:

Original costume and hair color: 0000:0000
Blackbeard in purple: 0000:0001
Red hair with red and orange bikini: 0000:0010
Blue hair with orange and red bikini: 0000:0011
Tan, brown hair, orange and yellow bikini: 0000:0100
Blonde hair, orange and yellow bikini: 0000:0101
Blonde hair, pink bikini: 0000:0110
Blue hair, shiny silver bikini: 0000:0111
Red hair, black bikini, black stockings: 0000:1000
Pink hair, shiny black body suit: 0000:1001
Blue hair, shiny copper body suit: 0000:1010
Purple hair, shiny silver body suit : 0000:1011

Valkyrie cheer
Save the game, then intentionally allow the Valkyrie to kill Katarina
without the Valkyrie getting any damage during the battle.

Slippery slopes
Try the following if you are having problems trying to climb sand dunes and
grassy slopes when attempting to get a treasure. It takes a little patience, 
but the secret is to find the path of least resistance and run up the slope 
(sometimes at an angle) until you get to the point just before you start to 
slide back. Then press Circle(2) to do a jump flip and continue to do so 
until you reach the top. The hardest part is keeping Kat faced in a forward 
direction, but with some practice you can do it. The best place to practice 
is on Ape Island -- there is a treasure chest sitting right next to the
big Tiki Idol.

Defeating Blackbeard
Look on every island until you find a man with a straw hut. If you have
enough money, buy as many throwing knifes as possible. They will be useful 
when you are in Scoundrels Pit. Among your things to do will be to defeat 
Blackbeard. Once you defeat all of the pirates, a portal will open that will 
lead directly to Blackbeard's hideout. After Blackbeard stops talking, you 
will fight him. Notice the skulls at the top of the screen. That indicates 
Blackbeard's life meter. If you throw all of the knifes at him, he will be 
much easier to defeat than if you used your sword.

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