Phantasy Star Universe – XBox 360

Phantasy Star Universe - Platform: XBox 360

Unlock Adahna Degahna Slayer:
Defeat the Chapter 7 boss. 

Unlock De Ragan Slayer:
Defeat the Chapter 3 boss. 

Unlock De Ragnus Slayer:
Defeat the Chapter 8 boss. 

Unlock Dimmagolus Slayer:
Defeat the Chapter 11 boss. 

Unlock Dulk Fakis 2 Slayer:
Defeat the last boss. 

Unlock Dulk Fakis Slayer:
Defeat the Chapter 12 boss. 

Extra mode:
Successfully complete Chapter 4 in Story mode to unlock the Extra mode. 

Show your character face when chatting:
Before typing your text, enter "@[0-9]" followed by your text. For example, "@1 
hello". This will allow your character's face to pop-up on the screen. If you 
have a keyboard, hold [Shift] to yell your text. 

Save when game is frozen:
If your game freezes, do not turn it off. Sign out of your profile and the game 
will boot you, and will save your progress.

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