Paperboy – Nintendo64

Paperboy - Platform: Nintendo64

Cheat codes
UNTIMED  - Single frame advance with C right.
HEADLINE - View all Newspaper headlines.
NOBUNDLE - Have unlimited papers all levels.
INVINC   - Inf Health
JUMBLE   - Run into Invisible objects
SCREAM   - Everything you hit emits scream
MOON     - Jump super high in air
WAKING   - Slo motion
RUSH     - Turbo mode, clock too.
ALLJUMP  - Always have Super Jump Springs
GOFAST   - Always have Rocker Boosters
BACKWARD - papers get thrown backwards
LITTLE   - Paperboy is super tiny
MAGOO    - Near sighted paperboy, only see short distance 
           if front of you.
SUNDAY   - HUGE newspapers.
MAXSUBS  - Level select.
OBVIOUS  - Level select.
RANDOM   - Random paper tossing.
FRONTS   - Throw papers directly in front of character.
SIDES    - Throw papers at 90 degree angle.
THUMP    - Cartoon sounds. 
THUNK    - Cartoon sounds. 

Destroying Neptune
This is how to beat the spaceship in medium mode. 

Regular Alien - 1 normal paper
Mini UFO - 1 normal paper
Eyeball Lightning Alien - 1 power throw.
King Brain Alien - Around 5 or 6 power throws. Note: You must be 
                   on the top level to hurt the King Brain Alien. 

How To Get Extra Papers
To get the extra papers on boss battles, you just have to press 
the L and Z buttons repeatedly while the camera is adjusting, right 
before the battle starts.

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