National Lampoon’s Van Wilder – DVD

National Lampoon's Van Wilder - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Dancing Girl
Disc 1:

On the main menu, move the star over to the word "Scenes," 
and then press up. This put a star over the words "Van Wilder." 
Hit enter. This will bring up the dancing girl with the words, 
"Me likey!" on her shirt. 
Place cursor on "Scenes," press up to highlight the Van Wilder 
logo, press down to make hand appear, press up, then press 
enter for something a bit racier.
Go to the "Setup" menu. When setup screen pops up, hit the 
up arrow key, and a black star should appear. Hit the down 
arrow key, and the star should turn pink. Hit the up arrow 
key, and the star should turn orange. Hit enter, and the 
girl wearing the T-shirt on the main menu will dance for you
In the "Scenes" menu, go into Chapter 21-22. Place cursor on 
"End Credits," and press up, down, up, then enter. 
In uncensored mode, go to the setup screen. Scroll down to 
the very bottom until the arrow points at "Main." Hit the 
left arrow key and hand appears pointing at the big "MAIN" 
sign. Hit the right arrow key and the hand turns pink. Hit 
the left arrow and the hand turns orange. Hit Enter and 
T-shirt girl will flash you. 

Disc 2:

Place cursor on "Van Wilder Files," press up, down, up, then 
enter on the yellow star for the Wilder dance 
Place cursor on "View Scenes Censored," and pres press left, 
right, then enter for another flash. 
In the "Trailers" menu, place cursor on "Special Features," 
then press left, right, then enter guessed it...
more naughtiness.
Cycle through the menu by pressing right until you highlight a 
star on the dancer's arm. Press right three more times and hit 
enter for another clip of the dancing girl.
Place the cursor on Reel Comedy, the Comedy Central featurette.
Press up, down, up, down, and then enter, for what is supposedly 
the raciest clip on the disc.

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