MLB SlugFest – Loaded – XBox

MLB SlugFest - Loaded - Platform: XBox

Fantasy stadiums and teams:
At the main menu, hold R + Y + X to unlock the fantasy stadiums and teams.

Cheat mode:
At the vs. match-up screen, press X, Y, and B to change the icons in the first, 
second, and third boxes respectively. The numbers in the following list indicate 
the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, 
press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. For example, to 
enter 1-2-3 Left, press X, Y(2), B(3), Left.

      Bone bat0-0-1 Up
      Blade bat0-0-2 Up
      Max speed0-0-3 Left
      Ice bat0-0-3 Up
      Whiffle bat0-0-4 Right
      Log bat0-0-4 Up
      Spike bat0-0-5 Up
      Max power0-3-0 Left
      Little League mode1-0-1 Down
      Dolphin team1-0-2 Down
      Dwarf team1-0-3 Down
      Minotaur team1-1-0 Down
      Scorpion team1-1-2 Down
      Gladiator team1-1-3 Down
      Extra time after plays1-2-3 Left
      Rodeo Clown team1-3-2 Down
      Bobblehead team1-3-3 Down
      Tiny head mode2-0-0 Left
      Big head mode2-0-0 Right
      Pinto team2-1-0 Right
      Evil Clown team2-1-1 Down
      Horse team2-1-1 Right
      Eagle team2-1-2 Right
      Lion team2-2-0 Right
      Olshan team2-2-2 Down
      Todd McFarlane team2-2-2 Right
      Rivera team2-2-2 Up
      Alien team2-3-1 Down
      Napalitano team2-3-2 Down
      Casey team2-3-3 Down
      16-inch softball mode2-4-2 Down
      Rubber ball mode2-4-2 Up
      Max batting3-0-0 Left
      Midway Park stadium3-2-1 Down
      Atlantis stadium3-2-1 Left
      Empire Park stadium3-2-1 Right
      Rocket Park stadium3-2-1 Up
      Monument stadium3-3-3 Down
      Forbidden City stadium3-3-3 Left
      Terry Fitzgerald team3-3-3 Right
      Coliseum stadium3-3-3 Up
      Infinite turbo4-4-4 Down

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