Lufia – The Ruins Of Lore – Gameboy Advance

Lufia - The Ruins Of Lore - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Easy money:
Go to the town of Ordens. Go to the item shop and buy all the Blue Tea you 
can for 100, then sell them back for 150. You can buy 99 for 9900, but when 
you sell back 66 you gain back 9900 plus the other 33 that you sell. Continue 
to buy and sell until you have enough money

Master all jobs quickly:
After finishing Border Forest, go back to it from the east side (the one you 
exited from; do not bring any monsters). Rope your way across the pit, go into 
the opening in the trees at the top,t hen through another opening at the right. 
You will find four rocks surrounding a bush. Break a rock, then cut the bush to 
fall down into a room with Green Cores. These monsters give 2525 experience 
points each and appear in groups of two or three. They have low HP, but very 
high defense. First, fight a few battles and kill all your party members except 
for one. Have him kill as many Cores as he can before they run away. Use Chance 
Hit, Virus, or any other group attack spells except for Frost. For maximum effect, 
make sure the character has an attack power over 120 and has learned the Rogue 
skill Rapid Fire. This allows you to take out all the Cores in one hit. When the 
room is cleared, exit and reenter to find the Cores again. When a character has 
mastered all the jobs, revive another character and kill the first. Then, repeat 
the process. This is the fastest and easiest way to master all the jobs and will 
make clearing the Ancient Cave a breeze for Eldin.

Using two characters in the Ancient Cave:
In the Ancient Cave, use a Cave Disc and capture a monster that you want to use 
there. The monster can also assist you in the Ancient Cave. The best monster to 
capture is Cyclops Dragon, if you level it up with Power Source. Teach Cyclops 
Dragon with Octo Strike and you will be invincible. Battling through sixty floors 
will be a lot easier.

Best armor:
The Lucinia Armor armor is the best Armor that you can find. When the enemies 
damage your hit points, your HP and MP are automatically replenished, but sometimes 
it does not do anything. You will also see that miracle is being used. You can get 
the Lucinia Armor on the 36th to 60th floors.

Best weapon:
The Gaia sword is the most powerful weapon. You can find it on the 60th floor of the 
Ancient Cave. You will need some luck to get it. When equipped, the Gaia sword boosts 
your attack power a great deal.

Best shield:
The Divine Shield is the best that can be found in the game. You need some luck in 
the Ancient Cave to get it. It is on floor 59 to 60.

Best helmet:
The Divine Helmet is the best that you can wear. It is found on the last two floors 
of the Ancient Cave.

Best accessory:
The Egg Ring is the best one you can wear. If you wear it on your character, you can 
attack two times. If you attack with rapidfire, you can attack three times. Now, no 
one can stand in your way. You can find it on floor 59-60 or you can get it by 
killing the boss on floor 60, to beat the Ancient Cave.

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