Kingdom Under Fire – The Crusaders – XBox

Kingdom Under Fire - The Crusaders - Platform: XBox

Regneir: Extra damage:
To have Regneir turn into flames and deal almost up to three times the damage as normal, 
during battle press X, Y, then hold B. To lay down a trail of flame and fire, press Y 
while you are in flames.

Easy experience:
When you reach the fourth or fifth mission with Gerald, you will be told you must trap 
Regneir's men by using Fire Arrows with your archers. You will immediately start fighting 
Regneir's men (Orcs). After awhile, Hugh tells you to move your archers back to the green 
area. After that, you must retreat (Hugh will tell you when) with the rest of your infantry. 
When your infantry reaches the green area with Hugh's troops close behind you, set your Fire 
Arrows at the wooded area that is highlighted red. No matter how well you do this, you will 
usually only kill a group of Regneir's infantry, and before the blaze Regneir's main line 
will emerge from the flames. You will be cast into another fight. You will find that 
Regineir is not a Orc to be messed with. He is level 50, and one hit from him takes one 
quarter of your health. Do not fight him. When Hugh tells you to retreat to the King to 
protect him, only move your infantry; you will have to tell all of your troops to retreat. 
Move your infantry only near the green area. Do not go into the green area. Instead, just 
go directly next to it. The King will be behind you and be safe. After you tell your men 
to retreat, cancel your archers from retreating. Set them a good distance away from the Hugh 
and Regneir fight, then tell them to attack Regneir. You will not see the health meter go 
down a large amount, but after awhile (about ten to fifteen minutes), Regneir will be defeated. 
Hugh will just stand there. Move your archers to the green area along with the rest of your 
infantry waiting next to the green area. At the end of this mission, you should get an 
exceptional amount of gold and experience.

Risky Raiders mini-game
Successfully complete the game as Regnier.

County Carnival mini-game
Successfully complete the game as Kendal.

Shop Around:
This hint is verified for single player only. During a campaign, you will have the opportunity 
to upgrade your equipment for your leaders and officers. Usually one or two of the items are 
of better than average quality, but you will have to look
through each person's list (including your force's list) of stuff available.

If you see nothing you like, reload your game (hopefully, you saved first before hitting the 
shop). Side note: be sure to make a second save as well, since adjusting your leader's skill 
points will prompt the Xbox to auto-save on the last
slot you saved your file, this way you have a back-up file to go back on.

When you reload the game, the items in the shop randomises its items available again, and 
you may find a damn good weapon to buy and equip if you happen to be lucky.

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