Goldeneye 007 – Nintendo64

Goldeneye 007 - Platform: Nintendo64

Submitted by: Dylan Baranski

Easily destroy drone guns in Jungle level:
Hide behind a tree & peek out a bit until you can see the gun, but 
it can't see you. Then, shoot it with your AR-33. When you get to 
the area with the ladder, climb the ladder & near the top, slowly 
move up until you can see the top of that drone gun, & then take it 

2x AR-33 in Caverns:
Get to the room with the radio & stacks of exploding barrels. Go 
over to the far right corner of the room & shoot one of the crates 
until it explodes. Another crate that's slightly smaller should pop 
out. Keep destroying each crate until two computers pop out. Destroy 
the two computers & you can get dual AR-33s.

RC-P90 in the Train:
Destroy the crate to the left of the door in the first car & an 
RC-P90 will pop out (if you're playing on Agent difficulty). 
On Special Agent, a DD-44 Dostovei will pop out; & on 00 Agent/007, 
nothing will pop out.

More time to escape in the Train:
After you kill Ourumov, shoot Xenia. You don't have to kill her, 
wounding her will do the trick. Doing so will give you some more 
time to escape & complete your objectives (if applicable).

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