Fret Nice – XBox 360

Fret Nice - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding 
number of Gamerscore points:

Ready to rock (5 points): Clear the first level.
Stabilized (15 points): Get all medals in any level.
All powered up (15 points): Have all 4 power-ups at the same time.
The Per Lundberg syndrome (30 points): Get 100% of all medals.
Hard as Rock (25 points): Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Ambitiously ambidextrous (15 points): Clear at least 3 levels with
all 3 controller types.
Bubbler of the week (15 points): Get 10 enemies within the same
Skull and crushed bones (15 points): Crush 10 skulls without
touching the ground.
Given to wail (20 points): Clear all levels using a guitar.
Firewalker (15 points): Defeat 100 enemies using the Fire Boots.
Incognito (25 points): In single player, clear each standard level
collecting less than 20 points.

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