Freaky Flyers – Gamecube

Freaky Flyers - Platform: Gamecube

Unlock Island Jack
In adventure mode go to danger island. when you get to the jungle go 
below the trees. when you see a giant snake wrapped around a tree 
branch near the end on the left side of the jungle shoot it and you 
will get island jack

unlock prof. gutenburg 
Go to adventure mode and go to torpedo run there will be three subs 
on yor radar one of them is a yellow sub with prof. gutenburg on the 
front shoot two torpedoes at it and you will unlock prof. gutenburg 

unlock shiek abdul
in the town area in the cave of blunders level, look down in a little 
arena like place and you'll see a guard trying to attack a townsperson. 
shoot the guard and you'll unlock shiek abdul.
unlock the marcels moreso bro.s
in the bombsburg level, before you reach the area where the machines are, 
look in the last few buildings on the left and you will find the marcels 
moreso brothers. run into them to unlock them.
unlock cactus rose
in the coyote canyon level, look in the old western town at the beginning 
of the race. there is a carrige on the right side of the town ( the carrige 
where you complete the damsel in distress subgoal). shoot the carrige and 
you'll unlock cactus rose.

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