Ford Racing 3 – XBox

Ford Racing 3 - Platform: XBox

All tracks:
Press White, L, Black, R, A(2), Y, X, B to unlock all tracks.

All cars:
Press B, X, Y, A(2), R, Black, L, White to unlock all cars.

Quick start:
In any race with a countdown, keep the pointer of the tachometer between 4 and 5 
to get a good start and a little turbo boost. If you keep it between 5 and 6, 
you will get a super start and a great turbo boost. If the pointer is in the red 
(7 and 8) however, you will get an over rev and be stopped for a few seconds 
while your opponents drive away.

Quick start in Harbor Side:
Go to the race type menu and press A on "Racing Line". Then, go to the 
performance cars and press A on the 1995 GT90 concept car. Then, go to Colonial 
Run and press A on Harbor Side (the first one). When in the race, as it is 
counting down slow the RPM gauge between 4000 rpm and 6000 rpm and you will get 
a boost when it says "Go".

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