Fisherman’s Challenge – Playstation 2

Fisherman's Challenge - Platform: Playstation 2

Secret Cheat Code:
Submitted by: 
Fisherman's Challenge has a single cheat code with multiple applications: 
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1. Enter the code at various 
places in the game to activate different effects (entering the code a second time 
at the appropriate point will disable its effects):

If you enter Free Fishing mode and enter the code at the "Select Time" prompt, the sun 
will go down sooner (i.e if you choose a late time in the afternoon like 5:00 PM, the 
sky will be dark).

If you enter the code while trolling (i.e when your angler is standing up but you are 
still able to move the oaat with the left analog stick), you will see an underwater view 
of your lure after casting.

If you enter the code while your lure is in the water, you'll be able to reel in your l
ine by simply holding the right analog stick in any direction (instead of having to rotate 
it continuously).

If you enter the code at the "Home Menu" of any tournament, that tournament will be more 
difficult to win becaouse your opponents' average total weight and fish count will higher.

If you enter the Aquarium option, then press SELECT for the "All View" mode, entering the 
code in this view willl change some of the rocks in the aquarium into robot parts.

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