Finding Nemo – DVD

Finding Nemo - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Chris R 

I'm Trapped In Your TV!: 
Highlight and enter Special Features. 
Highlight Studio Tours and push UP on directional button. This will enlighten an invisible fish. 
Highlight and enter the fish for a quick video. 

Dory & Marlin:
On disk one go to bonus features, highlight the arrow at bottom of screen then press down, 
a green egg will pop, up press enter or play, a short egg with dory and marlin will play. 

Dory & Bruce:
Go to bonus features, then visual commentary, while on the fish that looks like its in 
the TV press up, a green fish will appear press play or enter a short egg with Dory and 
Bruce will play. 

Dory & Marlin again:
Go to bonus features then to Mr Ray's Encyclopaedia, at curved arrow press down a green 
fish will appear at top, press enter or play, a short egg will play with Dory and Marlin. 

Go to bonus features screen arrow down to curved arrow, press down, a green fish will 
appear on top right hand side, press enter or play, a simulated commercial for the Aqua 
Scum 2003 will play. 

Bruce's Oath: 
On Finding Nemo Disc 1, select Bonus Features. Highlight the fish in the TV on the 
lower left. Press the left arrow and a new fish will appear on the right side of the 
screen. Hit enter and you will hear Bruce's oath. 

Bruce's life lesson:
Go to the set-up menu and highlight "Subtitles". Hit the left arrow button on the 
controller or hit the #6 on your controller. You will get a vocal track by Bruce the Shark. 

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