Final Fantasy Tactics – Gameboy Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Double Sword Skill:
The Double Sword is an S skill that allows you to use 2 swords at a time. This 
is useful for learning skills becuase wearing 2 of the same weapon will double 
the amount of AP per battle you gain. 

Recruiting Units:
When you have 5 or less members in your clan, Montblanc will put up Recruitment 
Missions. These are 5 day dispatch missions that will get you another unit. Each 
month gets you a different kind of unit. 

Job Classes:
In any tactical rpg the most important thing is to have a hard hitting party. To 
help get you started I have a few classes listed for each race.


Soldier- initial job class
Paladin- soldier attack ability x2
Fighter- soldier attack ability x2
Thief- initial job class
Ninja- Thief Attack ability x2
White Mage- initial job class
Black mage- initial job class
Archers- Initial job class
Hunter- Archer attack ability x2 

Become Harder to Kill:
If you want to become harder to kill, master Damage>MP, change to a job that 
doesn't need MP, and master Double Sword (humans only). 

Using your time for easy level up:
When in battle, if you plan to "Wait", don't! Use your time! If your character 
has an ability that raises defence, heals, or anything like that, just do it. It 
will allow your character to level up without wasting its turn. If your 
character however, doesn't have an ability that doesn't give damage to other 
people or something else, then you probably would use a potion or some item. But 
thy not to use items for exp.! 

Extra Experience:
If you ever run into a gel-type creature called a flan and need a little exp, 
here is a tip. First kill off every other enemy on the field, and then surround 
the flan with your people. Use regular attacks on it, which will only do 1 
damage, and if the enemy is of sufficient level, you'll gain a few levels while 
slowly killing it. 

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