Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Gameboy Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Jon Black

Get Cid:
Beat all 300 missions.

Get Ritz:
Beat all story missions. You'll now get the 'Mortal Snow' mission at the 
pub. Beat it to get Ritz.

Get Shara:
Beat the game, then clear A Maiden's Cry mission. Now enter a town.

Get Ezel:
Gossip with Ezel at his card shop until the Reconciliation mission appears 
in a pub.

Get Babus:
Beat the game, then clear Left Behind mission. Then enter a town and clear 
With Babus mission.

Recruiting clan members:
If your clan drops to 5 members or less, a 'Dispatch' mission will appear in 
a pub. It won't count towards your 300 missions list. The reward is a new 
member depending on the month.
Kingmoon = Human
Madmoon  = Bangaa
Sagemoon = Nu Mou
Huntmoon = Veria
Bardmoon = Moogle

Expert Missions:
Beat the game once, let the credits roll and save over your last saved game 
file.When you load that file again (it will now have a star next to it), 
you'll be able to access new missions from bartenders at the pub.

Easy XP:
Buy 99 potions and go into battle. Keep using potions on yourself; you get 
roughly 10 XP each time.

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