Final Fantasy I & II- Dawn of Souls – Gameboy Advance

Final Fantasy I & II- Dawn of Souls - Platform: Gameboy Advance

FF1 Mini Game:
While on the ship, hold down A and keep tapping B. Soon, a sliding tile minigame 
will appear. The aim of the game is to put the numbered tiles in order from 1 to 
15. If you do well, you gain items and money. 

Here lies Link:
In Final Fantasy I when you visit Elfheim, press A on the left most tombstone 
behind the inn. It will say "Here lies Link." Link being the famous elf star of 
the Legend of Zelda series. 

Tile Game:
In FF II there is a match-the-faces tile game that gives items and cash prizes. 
When you are on the ice sled, hold A and keep pressing B to bring up the game. 

Kingdom Hearts:
Not really anything special, a reference to Kingdom Hearts. On the 27th Floor of 
the Whisperwind Cove is a boy in "toy Town" (the place with all the houses, in 
and out) The character with blonde hair says, "I've Been having these weird 
thoughts lately..". Just like the Intro to Kingdom Hearts. 

Map Screen:
Press B + Select on the map screen to view the World Map. This shows your 
position and locations. 

Secret Dungeons:
Defeat the four fiends to unlock each new dungeon. Each features random maps, 
exclusive items, and bosses from other Final Fantasy Games. Beating all four 
fiends before venturing into the dungeons is recommended.

Soul of Rebirth:
After you've completed the main story, an additional option will appear at the 
Final Fantasy II main menu. Select Soul of Rebirth to begin a new journey. 

Ez items+weapons:
This isn't a cheat but in final fantasy 2 when you get minwu go to fynn and use 
his magic move protect on your strongest person(must be in front every one else 
in back) now u are almost invinsable and when u kill the captain guy u can get 
the flaming bow,(best weapon ive seen)golden armor,curse tome,or toad tome,and 
lots of exp(stats point things) ezest way to kill him is with,fire,blizzard,etc

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