Fifth Element, The – DVD

Fifth Element, The - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo 

Hidden interview
Select the "Gallery" option at the main menu. Select 
the "Four Elements" option on the gallery screen. 
Advance to the second screen, with the "It must be 
found" text. Press Up to highlight the word "must". 
Press Enter and the "S" in the word will change colors. 
Keep pressing Enter until the "S" explodes to view an 
interview with Milla Jovovich. 

Hidden photos and trailer
Highlight the "Subtitles" option at the main menu. 
Press Up and the pointer will disappear. Press Enter 
to view the first hidden photo. Press Up, Down, Left, 
Right in order to view four additional photos. Press 
Enter while at the last photo to view a trailer from 
the movie.

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