Fifa 10 – Playstation 2

Fifa 10 - Platform: Playstation 2

Gameplay Hints:
Submitted by: Keyur

1.)For easier scorings in 1 on 1 situations, instead of hitting a normal shot press L2 
and then shoot button. Your player will chip the ball and hit it above the keepers head. 
NOTE: Use it only when keeper is out of small box to take the ball from you. He will fall 
back and the ball will slowly go back into the nets. This is a good Technique when counter 
attacking as the keeper comes way ahead of the goal post.

2.)Similarly, when keeper stays near his net press L1 and shoot to score from a grounded shot.

3.)for free kicks first look in the direction where you can see very lesser of the goal. 
Press L1 and shoot while the player is Running towards the ball to hit it press the directional 
button where the wall is situated. the ball will swing from the side of the wall into the net.

4.)Using L1 during freekicks you can also score from the between of the players legs

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