Family Guy – XBox

Family Guy - Platform: XBox

Avoid losing in Helen Keller level:
In the Helen Keller level, do not move. If you touch her you will lose.

Hidden Components in Hospital:
While playing as Stewie in the Hospital level, there are hidden Components. 
When you reach the rooms with the pregnant women, jump on their stomachs. 
First, a baby should fly out. If you jump on her again, nothing should come 
out. If you jump on her usually three or four times, a Component for Stewie's 
Ray Gun will fly out onto the floor. Do this with every pregnant woman in the 
level, even the ones who shoot missiles out of their stomachs. Only one 
Component is in each woman.

Spooner Street Soccer mission glitch:
After you finish the Porta Potty part in the Spooner Street Soccer mission 
as Peter, you will come across an ice cream truck with three kids, three 
adults, and two cops. If you get killed by the cops during the auto save 
they will not show up again. You will be stuck and must start over because 
you have to kill all enemies to proceed.

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