F1 Championship Season 2000 – Playstation 2

F1 Championship Season 2000 - Platform: Playstation 2

Tip: You can get much more representative lap times out of 
the AI cars by turning the wet-weather effects on. The AI 
drivers tend to drive more consistently in the rain and are 
less likely to turn some of the unrealistic and physically 
impossible times that they produce under dry conditions. 

If you feel a spin coming on--usually preceded by a puff of 
smoke and a shrill tire-squealing sound in the middle of a 
sharp turn--get off the gas immediately. The car will often 
come back to you as long as you don't try to power your way 
through the spin. 

The diminutive rearview mirrors (only available from the 
behind-the-driver roll-bar view) are quite useless for 
determining how close a competitor's car is. You can get 
around this by listening for an increase in engine sound 
from the car behind. If it begins to sound close, then it 
is probably time to employ the look-back button (L1)

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