Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends – Playstation 2

Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends - Platform: Playstation 2

Where to get 5th weapons
If you are willing to get the 5th weapons but don't know how, 
make sure you have the level on very hard these are the people 
who I know: 
Lu Bu 
Stage:Chi Bi 
Method:Make your morale big then i think Dong Zhuo will send back-up 
troops from the level at chang ban defeat them, special item report. 

Diao Chan 
Stage:Diao Chans 1000 journey (new stage?) 
Method:Defeat Lu Bu's back up troops and the general himself, 
special item report. 

Yuan Shao 
Stage: Hu Lao Gate 
Method: Defeat Diao Chan, Lu Bu will get pissed off at you special 
item report. 

Getting fifth weapons
When attempting to unlock fifth weapons, you must play the game under the 
very hard difficulty setting. 

Flashing question mark
You may see a small purple flashing question mark in the lower right corner 
of the screen. In order to complete it, you must create 120,000 Perfect combos 
or make 999,999 combo in game points. Once you make it one fourth of the way, 
you will get a purple to yellow question mark. Once you are halfway there, you 
will get a red question mark. Once you get the full amount, you will receive 
the Musuo Armor, which allows you to get hit by an arrow and just get the damage 
without losing your footing. 

Control loading screen
Press Circle to increase the wind as it flutters the level name on the loading 
screen before a battle. Press X to decrease the wind speed. 

Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game in Musou mode with any character. Alternate 
costumes for all characters that belong to the same side will be unlocked. 
Highlight a person at the character selection screen, then press L2 or R2 to 
select a new color.

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